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Not long have I been writing smuts for ya, had I???

Well here it is lol.

Too bad there is not to much Jamilams smuts.

I love da ship.
We hav to ship more if you want me to survive (jk lmao)


Hope you enjoy this trash-


Thomas P.O.V

"Alexxx come join usss!!" My boyfriend, John yawned as we cuddled.

"I cant John, I have to work on essay." Alexander said his attention on computer writing non-stop.

I sighed as John pouted.

I got idea.

I smirk as John looked at me suspicius.

I pinned John at the bed, as he yelped.

Alex hadnt look up. His attention was on computer.

I slowly tug Johns' boxers and kiss him.

Once I pulled it all way down, I grasp Johns' cock which he gasped.

"T-tommy!!!" John squeked as I pumped him.

I smirk and kiss him roughly but passiontely as I pin him down.

Alexander was still typing and ignoring us. Our sounds.

I sigh frustrated.

I squeeze Johns' cock as his breath hitches.

"T..thomas...fuck!" John babbled turning his head away, gasping.

I smirk as his face heat up.

I drawle down, towards his cock.

He gasps once again as I take him by my whole mouth.

"T-tommy!!'' John cried out.

I suck his cock, deeper, basically bobbing his head making him screaming on top of his lungs as I start to finger him.

I hear Alexander behind me shuffle and smirk.

I keep fingering John who was trying to stifle his moans.

I slowly put his legs on my shoulder as I lick his hole, while Laurens arched his back, crying out.

Laurens inhaled as I stop.

I crawle back on him. He looked so beutifull.

His eyes teary, his chest falling up and down peacefully. His head messy.

I smirked as I flip him on his hands and knees, facing Alex back, who was still typing.

John yelped and screamed as I rammed in him, pulling his hair back.

I started punding into him as he was drooling and babbling words.

Alex grunted before madly stooding up and turned to us.

"BE QUIET--" he stopped as he gulped, his bulge rising.

"S..so pretty." He looked at John, who was still screaming and moaning of pleasure, while sitting down unbuckling his pants, getting out a massive cock.

He gave a few pumps before standing up and taking fist of John's hair.

I smirk.

"Be a good kitten, and suck Papi off." Alexander commanded his eyes full of lust, completly forgetting his work.

John nodded as he took his whole massive cock, slurping and sucking.

I began to pound into him as he cried and moaned.

"Laurens, holy shit, keep going!!" Alexander moaned, hitting his head back.

John was still moaning sending vibrations through Alex.

I then cummed, Alex soon following as John last cummed.

We all pull away and stradle John to cuddle. Me at his other side, while Alex is on other side.

John was panting.

"That.was.fucking.awesome." he said between pants.

"You sure? Wasnt I too rough on you, baby boy?" I asked worriedly as I kiss his cheek.

He hummed.

"Not really, I enjoy it." John smiled.

Akexander chuckeld.

"Im sorry for not paying attention at you.." Alex said sadly while carresing his fingers in John hair.

"Its quite alright.." John waddled off.

"My ass hurts." John confessed earning laughs from both of us.

"Well darlin' we have a long night ahead us." I said with playfull smirk.

John roared with laughter as Alexander sucked in his neck.

"Round 2 then!" John said excitedly.

The end


Ok this is last update (jk its not, it is 1:11)

Im tireddd-



I hope you like this ...this rough smut-

Fun fact- I wanted to make Alexander nottom, but then I realize I am gayer enough to put John bottom.

And Iwas writing this when I was listening 'Popular' from 'Wicked the musical"

Pls check it out+

Ok bye

Love yall💕💕💙

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