Happiness fills, part 26

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Jacs pov:
"Will you move in with me?Permanently?" Fletch asks me.
I don't even have to think about it.
"Yes." I reply, my eyes shining. I'd wanted to move in with him for ages, but I didn't want to ask.
His eyes lit up.
"Emma can sleep in Ella's room when she's not at Johnny's, and you can move in when straight away when you come out of hospital. I'll help you with your stuff." He smiles excitedly.
"Emma can bring her toys for her and Ella to share, but I don't really have much really." I say, sitting up. It makes me smile, thinking that little Ella and Emma will be closer then ever now. Maybe even as close as sisters.
Fletch comes and sits in the chair next to me, taking his coat off.
"I'll help you move." Fletch says, taking my hand.
I smile at him widely, my dimples showing on my pale skin.
"Emma will go anywhere as long as she has Sarah. Her favourite cuddly pig."I laugh a little. Emma had had Sarah the pig since she was a baby. It was a pink and purple pig that she took everywhere with her.
Quietly, Roxanna walks in, a weird expression on her pale cheeks.
"Jac. I have some big news."she beams at me.
"Yes?" I say impatiently.
"Me and Professor Gaskell have decided, that if you are still doing well tomorrow, you can go home. But you can't come back to work until next week."Roxanna smiles.
Fletch smiles a wide smile at me.
I smile and say nothing, I just nod.
"Thanks Roxanna."Fletch says, and I nod with him.
Roxanna smiles and leaves.
"See, that's good news." Fletch says, squeezing my hand tightly.
"I'm going to ring my landlord tomorrow and tell him I'm moving out." I grin, squeezing his hand back.
Fletch nods and stands up.
"Shuffle up."He says. I shuffle up in the bed and he lays next to me, wrapping his arm around me.
I rest my head on his chest, as he plays with my firey hair.
"I get to wake up to this every day soon." He says, leaning down and kissing me.
I kiss back, all our feelings and emotions pouring out like a love song or a beautiful chapter of a story.
I pull away and smile. A smile that says a thousand words.


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