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wherearetheavocados: Rosa, control your friend❤815,381 likes, 💬419,915 comments[tagged: @eviejj]

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wherearetheavocados: Rosa, control your friend
❤815,381 likes, 💬419,915 comments
[tagged: @eviejj]

itsrosastark: wtf eve what are you doing

eviejj: LET ME LIVE @itsrosastark @wherearetheavocados

username: what is she doing

dualipa: she isn't even drunk yet

zendaya: yet ? @dualipa

dualipa: we're having a party to celebrate the first show

username2: Tom hasn't commented yet ?

tomholland2013: don't have too much fun without me

username4: no hearts ?

usernames: no emoji at all ?

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