Concerned Wolves

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School was over at last!

Groaning, Ross dragged himself to his locker and tossed his bag inside.


Ross turned as he closed his locker door to see Michael. "...Oh hey, Mikey. What were all those texts about?"

"...I just need to talk to you," Michael repeated. "...Not here," he added, as if he read Ross' mind.

Ross frowned, but nodded anyway. "'Kay," he agreed.

"Hey, Rossie!" a new voice called.

Ross looked up to see Deth leaning against a locker. "How're you? Where were you during lunch?"

"I was with some new friends," Ross said, fixing his scarf.

"You're not leaving us, are you?" Deth whined, half-sarcastically.

Ross rolled his eyes, patting his friend on the back as Deth hugged him. "No, DJ. I'm not gonna leave you."

DJ looked up. "So who're your new pals?"

"Uhh...Butch, Brick, Boomer, and e—"

DJ stiffened. "Did you say...'Butch, Brick, and Boomer'...?"

Ross blinked, confused. "...Uh, yeah...? Why?"

DJ growled. "I don't like the Jojo brothers that much...especially that Butch guy," he huffed. He blinked then, scrunching his eyebrows. "You should know why," he added then. "Why are you—?"

Michael stopped him by placing his hand on DJ's shoulder and shaking his head.

Deth stared at him in surprise before huffing and pouting as he turned away.

"...What?" Ross asked.

"Nothing," Michael said coolly. He hesitated then, before saying, "...Oh...and be careful."


"Hey, Ross..."

Ross turned to see a shy Sid and a slightly waving, straight-faced Darkai. "...Hey, guys," Ross managed to greet.

Darkai nodded, pulling his hood tighter over his head as he blew a blue bubble from his gum. "How was your first day?" He stared at Ross with those penetrating eyes of his.

Ross grinned sheepishly and awkwardly at Darkai's strong gaze. "...I uh...well... that is to say... It went well..."

"...That's nice," Darkai commented, letting his gum pop.

DJ swung over beside him. "He's friends with those Jojo guys!"

Darkai stiffened, his face darkening. However, his face remained still and his posture barely changed.

"...Oh..." Sid whispered.

Ross blinked, confused. "...Guys...? What's wrong...?"

"...Nothing," Michael sighed, walking over. "...We're just...worried, is all."

"...Oh, okay." Ross frowned, blinking as he stared at his friends. Were they...HIDING something from him...?

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