1: Awkward

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I glanced at my watch. Again.

My jet had just landed and I was already supposed to be in a car, heading to a dinner party hosted by one of the members of the company board. I knew I was late, something I hated. Lateness was as unacceptable from me as it was from anyone else.

After successfully leaving the airport, I found Joe and one of my cars waiting for me. Joe took my luggage as I quickly slid into the car, finally able to relax after the long flight.

As I let myself sink into the seat, I heard a small "hello" that made me freeze. I hadn't been expecting my 'wife' to be there, and I had no clue what to do now that she was. We'd spoken a total of maybe ten words since we had gotten married. It was awkward and weird, and now that we'd went so long without talking, it felt even more awkward and weird for me to start now.

I was about to respond with a polite and satisfactory greeting when I realized it was way too late to answer her now. Shit, why was this whole situation so awkward? The last thing I needed in my life was a stressful home life on top of my very stressful work life.

I looked down to my phone quickly, hoping to avoid more  awkward interactions. After replying to a few emails, I glanced up at my wife for the first time since entering the car. She had her head rested on the headrest, eyes closed and seemingly fast asleep. It was then that I got to take a good look at her without fear of being caught.

I knew that she was beautiful, but for some reason I was shocked all over again when I saw just how beautiful she was. She was tall; her legs that laid out before her seemed to stretch on for forever. Her long dark brown hair was let loose and wild, framing her eerily perfect face. Full lips painted in a dark red contrasted against her perfectly tanned skin, drawing my attention to her over and over. She was effortless, and easily the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

She stayed asleep until we finally reached our destination. She looked peaceful that way, and I didn't want to disturb her sleep. I waited in the car for a minute, hoping she would wake on her own so I wouldn't have to awkwardly wake her up, but I had no such luck.

I decided it would be too weird if I woke her up. Maybe I would tell Joe to do it.

Yes, that seemed like a much better idea. She would probably feel more comfortable that way anyway. I was sure the last thing she wanted to wake up to was the face of a stranger as he interrupted her rest.

I rolled down the partition and asked Joe if he could wake her up after I left. I knew the right thing to do was to wait for her and walk into the dinner together, but I wanted to avoid the awkwardness of that at all costs. I got out of the car quickly and entered the hall quietly, hoping to remain unnoticed. But unnoticed I was not.

Moments after entering the hall, I was all but attacked by Cassie, my friend and the one of the Human Resources team at the company. "Ayyy it's Tobias! 'Sup, bro?"

I rolled my eyes at her. "Why do you insist on talking like that whenever you see me? You know how much abbreviations irritate me."

"That's the whole point," she rolled her eyes right back at me, then looked around. "Where's your amazing wife?"

"In the car, sleeping."

"Well, did you wake her up?"

"No, I told Joe to."

"Tobias, are you dumb? Why would you- oh! There she comes!"

I looked back quickly at the doors to see them opening and grabbed Cassie's arm and pulled her towards our assigned table. If I had to keep running away from awkward situations with my wife all night, so be it.

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