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Warning: possible anxiety or PTSD triggers

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Warning: possible anxiety or PTSD triggers

"Ahem..." Tony loudly coughed. "You two busy or what?" He added with a devilish smirk, suggestively pointing his index finger between the two of us.

"I'm gonna go with or what." I roughly gulped quickly turning around while awkwardly rubbing my arm.

"Good, because we have a little mission idea for the little shit." He continued as I buried my face into my palms trying to prevent myself from fueling the fire of his comments.

"Oh really? Explain?" I implored intrigued lifting my gaze to meet his, nodding for him to continue as I crossed my arms flush against my chest.

"Tony, it's not a good idea!" Steve interrupted shushing him by the look in his eyes and the intense crease forming between his knitted brows.

"Isn't everything he does?" I acknowledged tilting my head towards him as Tony casted me an unamused stare.

"I'm pretty sure you're the one who got your scrub ass shot down by a task force because you were curious, correct?" He quipped in return as I averted my gaze to the ground, for once he was actually right.

"You two." Steve sighed palming his forehead.

"Damn, anyways! We were considering heading back to your flat to grab some of your personal items." Natasha scoffed positioning herself in front of the two oafs quarreling like an old married couple, amazed by their inability to properly communicate a simple thought.

"We?" I widely smiled lifting my brow towards the three of them.

"As in... not... you..." She replied with a frown. "For safety purposes." She added.

"Oh, right. Right." I awkwardly laughed mindlessly tucking rouge strands of hair behind my ear.

"Anything specific you miss?" Natasha asked trying to break the hovering silence.

"My iPod please, please." I sheepishly pleaded immediately embarrassed by the words rolling off my tongue.

"iPod? Damn, what is this 2005?" Tony teased.

"Well my phone was blown to shit so yes, a damn iPod. That's the only other thing that all of my music is on." I quipped back at Tony with a curt smile.

"Ok then, that's a start." Natasha laughed as Tony stood jokingly offended.

"So I'm guessing you like music?" Bucky knowingly asked trying to piece fragments of information about me together.

"More like love or adore." I replied with a bright smile.

"Ok, we get it, we get it." Bucky laughed gesturing for me to chill out as my eyes warned him to stop.

"So, is that all?" Natasha inquired tilting her chin upwards towards me.

"I don't want to be difficult..." I timidly replied not wanting to cause more problems then necessary.

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