dieciocho | lío

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Lío — mess
Don Juan — an expression given to a seducer of women. Basically a historical fuckboy lmao
Muchas gracias — thanks a lot


Jeon Jungkook's eyes fluttered open to welcome the new day, as the sun, now less harsher as the summer slowly fades, shined straight into his room, illuminating the blood red space he'd been used to entertain himself in.

Drowsily, he blinked several times, running a heavy hand over his face, shifting over on his back against the lush pillows.

His fingers brushed over his lips. There was no doubt they had swelled up a tad, in cause of a particular girl who'd been hell bent on devouring them whole.

So it wasn't a dream. We have really kissed. Were on the verge of doing more.

A slight chuckle sighed out of him. It was funny to him, how not even two months ago he had made love to Dios-knows-who and countless others in this very room, the poor servants punished with thin walls and the art of expressing yourself at peak pleasure.

He had made those women extremely satisfied. In fact, it was brilliant enough for them to run right back for more, but Jungkook knew better than to repeat his talent on the same woman.

Now, it seemed that time had turned its ancient tables and played a game with him, planting a certain dancer who was very intent on staying in his life.

The strangest part was that he didn't mind that notion at all. Despite him not planting his manhood in every welcome opening, which did upset him greatly, the passionate events he'd ensued with Aeri were more than enough to quench his thirst for a while.

But not for long. You know one day this patience of yours will snap.

He shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut. No. He will wait. However long it will take, he will wait patiently till the very girl comes running to his arms, which will not only benefit his over growing lust, but the equally enormous pride he kept inside of him.

Heaving off the bed, Piccolo out of sight, he went to his ensuite bathroom, calling for Aeri to draw up a bath for him. He was already off with his shirt when he noticed she had not come.

"Aeri!" He exclaimed again, tossing the dirty clothing on the floor, inspecting himself in the mirror in front of him, the shoulders perched slightly upwards as they gripped the marble sink.

He wasn't the strongest man in the city, but the muscle that adorned his arms, his abdomen were not made out of thin air. The mirror revealed the hard lines that displayed the intense work he'd gone through to make his body more appealing to the opposite sex. The summer sun of Spain never did him dirty, as the slight tan he'd inherited from it was the absolute cherry on the top for a perfect body.

It was obviously a little sad how he'd done all this just to court women and ultimately fuck them. But of course, Jeon Jungkook was never the one to care much for the opinions of others, no matter how valid they really were against him.

Again, when the girl did not reply, he sighed, exiting the bathroom and, putting on a thin silk robe, slipping into some shoes, he went on his way to find this girl who was either suddenly deaf or most likely back to her old grumpy self.

He harboured an impatient stride towards her bedroom, the door slightly ajar for curious culos like him to widen the gap, peaking inside.

Aeri Alvarez, as he predicted, was in her chambers, but not at all in the state he had imagined.

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