Chapter 1

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(I request all my beautiful readers to first finish their prayers! This story can wait but don't make your prayer wait! )

(I request all my beautiful readers to first finish their prayers! This story can wait but don't make your prayer wait! )

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Aleina's P.O.V. 

"We are going to turn 18 tomorrow! Are you not happy?" Ayan asked, raising both his eyes brows in a weird way.

As always, my dearest cousin Ayan was excited about his birthday. We were both born on the same day, the same year and the same month and our names are also similar, having the same initials. Ridiculous isn't it?

"What's so great? It is only the day when you were born and till now we have had the same thing 18 times!" I replied sarcastically.

I actually hate my birthday coz to me, it reminds me that I'm one day closer to my grave...

"What's so great?" he mimicked me in a girly voice, and then continued, "I think you are forgetting something?" I tried to think back about what I couldn't remember.

I looked at him with an ecstasy of realization dancing in my eyes as I grin cheekily at him.

We showed our teeths to eachother in excitement wondering what we were about to discover.

We don't celebrate birthdays or exchange presents but our parents told that they wanted to give us both something special on our 18th birthday, we had been hearing this since the past 5 years.

Allah knows what it might exactly be.

"What do you think might the special thing that they wanted to give us only after we turned 18?" I asked Ayan expecting some guesses.

"To be honest, I have no ideas and my brain is not working!" he said after thinking for a moment.

You must be thinking that I don't do hijab in front of Ayan but you are probably wrong, don't ever expect me to be without my hijab.

I wear hijab in front of Ayan, although we live under the same roof and are very close cousins.

I really like the concept of hijab in Islam, it's really very beautiful and this you will realize as soon as you start wearing.

The main advantage of wearing hijab is that there will be no unwanted attention from non-Mahram.

Of course, I talk to Ayan but maintain enough distance with him, we are best friends but keep enough distance and never let Satan come in between.

(A/N : do you wear hijab??? ) answer here >>>

We both decided to go and ask our mothers as they would be home unlike our fathers who are usually too busy in the office. It is not like I am blaming them... but whatever!

As my dad and uncle Arham are brothers, they own their own business, The Sheikh Industries, which they opened together, but the name was decided by my late grandfather.

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