Todoroki Shouto

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Written by headcanons-bnha on tumblr


— You're recovering from a knee operation after a big battle that took place during your internship.

— You spent a few weeks in bed, but you're able to go to classes now and Todoroki doesn't let anyone go near you because he's afraid someone may hurts you again.

— "I can take care of myself".

— "You can't right now".

— Todoroki doesn't let you move from your seat between classes because someone could hit you, he walks behind you when you have to go to the cafeteria to have lunch and he makes sure you have everything you need in your room when you're in the dorms. He can't make sure you're alright when you shower because he isn't allowed in the women's bathroom, but the girls help you instead, although he would if he could.

— You appreciate what Todoroki is doing for you, but it's also kinda suffocating because you're really independent (same as him) and this situation feels weird.

— This feeling is what makes you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night in complete darkness and it's what leads you to trip and fall in the corridor.

— Todoroki is a light sleeper and his room is near yours so when he hears something outside his room, he wakes up and decides to check up what's going on.

— He's so worried when he sees you on the floor that he uses his fire to light the corridor instead of turning the lights on and he starts asking you questions nonstop.

— "Calm down! I wanted to go to the bathroom but I tripped, that's all. I don't want to wake up everyone so help me to get up, please".

— You touch your knee because it hurts a little and you feel something wet in your fingers, so you look at your bandages and that's when you realize your stitches have opened up because your bandages are covered in blood.

— "S-Shoto".

— Todoroki is terrified when he sees the blood. He carries you bride style and takes you to Aizawa's room, although you tried to stop him because it was really late and you could just go to the hospital.

— Aizawa's very pissed off when someone wakes him up in the middle of the night, but when he sees you two, he calls someone immediately and makes you lie on his bed until that person arrives.

— That mysterious person is Recovery Girl. Todoroki feels relieved when he sees her and you feel kinda guilty for waking her up just because you were acting like a child.

— When your stitches are healed, Aizawa asks Todoroki to accompany you to your room and he tells you that he'll talk to you about that incident in the morning.

— Todoroki carries you again bride style although you can walk already without any problem, but he says it's too soon. You're really embarrassed and bury your face in his neck, making him embarrassed too.

— "Thank you for being so good to me".

— "You don't need to thank me for something like this, but me more careful in a future, please".

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