Cinderella was nothing more than a GOLDDIGGER!

There I said it and while I'm at it she's also a MAN STEALER and a LYING MANIPULATIVE MENTAL BITCH! Oh Cindy, how do I hate thee let me count the ways. It sickens me to think that she has become a 'fairytale' and the source of comfort and inspiration for many young girls. Oh if they only knew!

You're probably wondering by now who I am, how I know Cinderella and why I hate her so. No? Well I'll tell you anyway, my name is Allerednic LaTrompe (Ally for short) and yes my first name is Cinderella spelt backwards, the mental thief stole my name as well.

I was a close cousin of Zelda and Anne LaTrompe who Cinderella worked for as a servant, of course that was back when she was known as Mildred Le Voluer which loosely translated, is French for 'Mildred the Thief'. Coincidence? I think not! Probably the only thing truthful about Mildred and the so called 'Cinderella Story' was that she was a servant (should have stayed one in my opinion).

I first noticed something odd about Mildred's behaviour about a month after staying with my cousins and my Aunt Beatrice. I loved my cousins and my Aunt, however there was no secret that we disagreed on our ideas of how servants should be 'treated'. They believed that servants were inferior and should be treated as thus whereas I believed that servants should be treated with respect.

After witnessing Mildred suffer abuse from my cousins, I noticed that she often smiled in the process. At first I thought it was to annoy my cousins but after weeks of this, the smiles turned into laughter. I began to think that perhaps Mildred was a masochist. Shocking I know to think that the great Cinderella could be so...masochistic but my idea that she was a masochist was concluded when she often came out of her room with bruises, cuts and scratches with a look that showed she was obviously pleased with herself.

How very strange, I thought. I also noticed how her appearance was changing. First she started off with straw-like, dark yellow hair but as the weeks progressed her hair became lighter and shinier with her eyes losing their bloodshot looks taking on a clear crystal blue.

If I didn't know better, I would have thought that Mildred was cleaning herself up after a long stint of drug abuse as it was not uncommon for servants to get a hold of drugs, especially in the 'servant underworld' but the strange part of her appearance was not her looking better but how she was beginning to look but then again imitation is the highest flattery is it not?

Not long after, we received news that Prince Eric was holding a ball that included all the ladies of the house. Mildred was in the room with us and though she was laughed at by my cousins for even thinking of going, there was a strange look in her eyes that I can't exactly describe. It was almost as if she were scheming something that gave her more pleasure than any masochistic fantasy she could ever conjure up. Perhaps I should have been scared or better still prepared.

I was neither.

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