Jared Leto (Part Three)

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You sat down on Mr

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You sat down on Mr. J's lap, quietly staring down at his tattooed chest. One of his hands ran down your exposed back, while the other gripped on tightly to the cane in his hand.

You didn't dare look up at him, you couldn't, no matter how much you wanted to.

Everything that had happened over the past few days had completely flipped the club on its head. The two girls had been disposed of, and Gina had been humiliated.

He put her on private room duty, leaving her to cater to the lowest clients possible that came to the club, something she had never had to go through since the day she'd come to the club.

What had followed after was torturous hours of excruciating pain for Gina, who he had been sent off to one of his warehouses to be dealt with. You didn't understand why he would go to such an extent, but you didn't question him.

You felt the car come to a halt at a traffic light which had turned red.

"You've been very quiet princess" he murmured into your hair, deeply inhaling your scent.

"I'm sorry Mr. J" you replied quietly, avoiding his gaze.

He hummed lowly against your neck, which he had tilted slightly to allow him access. You dug your sharp nails into the palms of your hand, biting down softly on your lip to avoid letting out a much desired moan.

You were accompanying Mr. J on his small trip to Mr. Theo Grant's Club. It was the second largest Club in Gotham and close to being just as popular as Joker's Club.

You felt Mr.J's tight grip on your neck, forcing you to turn your head sideways.

"You've also been avoiding me babygirl-"he hissed into your ear. " Not showing up for work, not coming in on time and slacking off on your routine. I should put a bullet in your pretty little skull but I won't. You know why?" You let out a low whimper when you felt him nip against your neck.

"Why?" Your voice came out shaky.

"You're very...enticing" he purred. " Innocently alluring and that's good for business. I'm a businessman baby girl, and you are my money maker. I'll be damned if I let you go, so to cut this short-" he paused.

You let out a gasp when he pushed you down onto the plush chair, hovering over your figure, lowering his face dangerously close to your own.

"If you try to leave me, you won't like the outcome" his expression was dark...menacing yet unreadable.

"Now make daddy happy tonight and be on your best behaviour princess"

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