A Mirror with a View

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My eyes opened to the second sitting room that was behind the library and connected to the main sitting area by a hallway.

"Did something happen?" I whispered in a semi-daze, vaguely recalling my hand thumping something.

I stared at my hand and saw it had stopped bleeding, but some cut wounds were across my knuckles and phalanges.

"Huh, stopped bleeding," I muttered, absent-mindedly.

I realised my situation. "Colonel, Small Cap!"

"Silence," Leinard spoke curtly in my mind.

He was standing near the doorway, peering at the dark space beyond.

My eyes widened when I saw Small Cap perched on his shoulder. The spider's eyes were also staring out at the darkness.

"I sense strong demonic signatures. Do you sense anything Small Cap?" Leinard said telepathically.

Small Cap dropped, lightly, to the floor and flattened his body to the surface.

"Me feel cold, strong buzz. Very strong. Some breathing like sleeping or waiting. Others moving slow but strong and heavy. One. Two. Maybe three," he answered.

"Freend awake. Good." Small Cap's voice perked up when he caught sight of me. He ran up my body and into my belt pouch.

"How do you know it's demonic?" I asked telepathically.

"Don't you feel it? That sickness to your stomach with the taste of fudge to your mouth?" Leinard answered.

Now that he had mentioned it, I did have something of a bitter aftertaste that was fudge-like and my stomach was queasy as if I had stepped out of an elevator ride.

Strange that I hadn't noticed this feeling when I was up against the juxtapositioner demon.

"You encountered that demon in his lair, so his signature wouldn't have been released. Demon's only let off their signature when they're out on the hunt, like a pheromone," Leinard explained.

"So where could Death be? What sort of demon are we expecting?" I was praying that Death hadn't been caught by some big six boss type. If he was, I would be useless in rescuing him, considering I had no magical ability whatsoever.

"A big six boss type," Leinard answered.

I detected a tone of sarcasm. Well, if he found some satisfaction in teasing me, it was compensation for putting all of us into this mess.

"I'm not sure about your brother. No one was here when we arrived. Speaking of, your hand. It's healing fast." Leinard gently examined the damage of my hand with an expression of surprise.

"I've always been a fast healer. This will be gone within the hour, although, I might have a scar for a memento," I answered and asked if we could use our voices because this mind-speaking was starting to give me a headache.

"Fine, but no voice louder than whispers. At least for now," Leinard whispered. "So far we haven't been noticed."

"They notice. Not attack yet. Maybe like me do on a hunt. Me wait; they come." Small Cap added to the conversation.

Leinard nodded his head.

"So, what now?" I whispered.

"We can't stay here forever. If we're lucky, the demon has chosen to replicate our world, so we'd have the advantage of knowing the area," Leinard answered.

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