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Ethan's POV

She really just called me a murderer . My heart broke.

I have to just get over her but damn it's too hard . You know that feeling when you're angry at what you did out of stupidity, well that's exactly how I feel .

Couple weeks later

She's been running through my mind all day even though she shouldn't be .

It's just hard to forget someone who's done so much for you. She's done so much that I can't even repay her because i can't find the perfect way to .

It's hard for her to leave my mind . She's stays on it all day . I'm trying to get her out after all this time but it kills me .

If I could I would go back in time and correct all my mistakes I would.

My mind is in a dark place . She left me because she didn't trust me . I can't blame her . Who knows what could've happened.

Who knows what I could've done.

Mary's POV

Tossing and turning, tossing and turning.

I'm just tossing and turning as I try to fall asleep. The night it feels gloomy . After what I did I lost myself. I was already lost ,but this type of lost was different. I was here but not here mentally. It felt as if my brain was out of my body . 

I miss him but I'm afraid of him . He scares me . I think it's just the thought of having someone is what's killing me inside because I don't have anyone. It's been weeks without him .

"Hey Grayson , do you ever feel afraid of Ethan ?"

A comfortable silence filled the room .

"Yeah , sometimes. He might be terrifying at times but I know how to handle him . He's my brother I love him to death ." His smooth voice spoke .

He pulls me closer holding me tight with his two arms . My head resting on his chest with my arms around his stomach.

We lied there for a moment . I just needed to be held . All you heard was the jersey rain and our gentle breathing.

And all that was running through my mind was

I wonder what he is doing right now .

Ethan's POV

I am out and about in the city looking for something to do . I'm just looking for something to keep me busy on this day off I have .

I'm walking around in the San Francisco rain with my hood up taking in the surroundings .

What is there to do in this city . Umm , I can walk in the rain all day or I can go back to the hotel and be bored . I guess walking in the rain it is . 

I'm looking down at the ground as I walk just thinking to myself when I accidentally bumped into someone and coffee spilled all over me and the other person.

"I'm sorry I'll pay for your clo-" I looked up and a slim girl with bright blue eyes and blond hair with a scrunchie holding it together. She was wearing yellow plaid pants , black dr.Martens ,and this big brown wool jacket.

"It's alright it was my fault I wasn't looking. I'll pay for your clothes. I apologize for this ." I cut her off . 

"No it was my fault and it was my coffee." She pushed my hand back with the money in it .

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