Chapter 26

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I slowly opened my eyes and immediately felt pissed at the same time amused at how I went back to the future and find myself laying on my coffin. Like holy shit.

I just lay there for a couple of minutes before deciding that it was time to get the fudge out of my coffin. Upon opening the cover of my coffin, I was greeted by the blinding ray of sun and the sound of the up coming war sent a shiver of excitement down to my spine.

Lost in thought that I didn't notice the silhouette heading straight to my direction, I just sat there and watched my guardian with a fond expression on my face.

I saw his expression change, a few minutes he was frowning and when he saw me his expression immediately turned to surprised and I swear I just saw a puppy ears and tail on him.

"J-jyuudaime!" he yelled and ran faster towards my direction; as he was about to tackle me a pair of string arms snaked their way to my waist and pulled me away from the tackle that my storm guardian was about to do.

Before I could say anything towards the misterious person because of Gokudera-kun's voice stopped me from my track.

"Oi! Let go of Jyuudaime, you stupid cloud!" he growled and the arms around me tighten its hold on me,

"Hn" (fuck off puppy)

"Who are you calling puppy, you son of a b*tch" Gokudera growled, bringing some of his dynamites out.

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