♡Psyche|Part Five♡

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The next morning, you were more exhausted than you'd ever been in your entire life. You hadn't slept all night, mainly due to the altercation that had unfolded with Thomas the evening before. He was still asleep, and you were in the bathroom, fixing your makeup to hide the mark that adorned your cheek.

With a sigh, you straightened out your outfit before grabbing your bag and making your way out of the bathroom. Thomas was still sleeping when you left, and for that - you were grateful. Who knows what could've happened if he was still in a bad mood. You couldn't have afforded to take that risk, especially with the sort of job you had.

You quickly made your way out of the house, being sure to shut the door quietly behind you. You fought back the tears as the memories from the night before began to flood your mind. Getting into the car, you pulled it shut before beginning to sob - banging your fists against the steering wheel.

You had been so traumatized. You didn't even know whether you could trust Thomas anymore.

Obviously not.

Several minutes passed before you regained your composure. You took one last breath in, starting the engine - and driving off.


You walked into the hospital, keeping your head down. You were trying to conceal the fact that you had been crying, and hiding your face from strangers, seemed like a good idea at that point.

As you walked along, you heard several nurses greeting you. You waved slightly, continuing to keep your head down.

Suddenly, a hand pulled you back - making you gasp slightly. Your expression softened when you saw that it was Luisa.

"Girl! You walked right past me!" she laughed. You flashed her a small smile, pulling your hand back.

"Sorry," you sighed.

Luisa frowned upon seeing your distant demeanor. She studied you, eventually bringing her gaze to land on your scarred hands.

"Oh my God..." she whispered, grabbing your right hand and examining it. "What the hell happened?" she released your hand.

You looked around, shrugging before bringing your eyes to stare at the floor again.

"I was cooking," you lied. "And I got burned,"

"Come on, (Y/N), we both studied medicine together. I know those aren't burn marks. Did you get into a fight?"

You bit your lip, not wanting to talk about it.

"Just...leave it alone," you whispered before turning around to walk off.

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