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Pure fluff

~Connors POV~

Me and Evan were in my room, I was on the bed while Evan was up, he had a brush in his hand as a pretend microphone. Know one else was home so I turned on my speaker and started playing music really loud.

I looked at Evan as he danced around to 'Rich set a fire'.  He looked so happy and new every word, not stuttering once.
"O-M-G Brooke answer me" I burst out laughing at his voice. He tried to do a girly voice but it just sounded like he was having a horrible voice crack

"That was the best voice ever" I said wiping away a tear, he laughed to
"I know, I know." he came over and flopped on top of me hiding his face in the crook of my neck "I'm tired" he voice was muffled and vibrated against my neck.

"Well then go to sleep" I sassed he looked up at me again and glared
"But I don't wanna go to sleep" I laughed at Evans reasoning
"You sound like a two year old"
"well you sound like a dad."
"Daddy to you," I winked while he blushed and covered his face with his hands
"Connnnnn" I laughed and he hid his face in my jumper.

The music was still playing in the background, but it had now switched to helpless from Hamilton.
"Boy you got me helpless" I sang quietly along I then felt Evan giggle. He then looked back up at me and smiled
"What?" I asked
"You act like such a tough guy around everyone else but your a massive softy" He giggled again.

I then got up and pinned him so he was underneath me
"Does a softy do this~" I whispered in his ears
"Connor w-what are you- ha HAHAH NO STOP" I tickled him on his neck making him laugh hard.  I then moved to the side of his stomach making him scream.

"CONNOR HAHA LET ME HAHAH BREATH!" I stopped and he quickly tried to get away but he ended up just falling of the bed, making me laugh. I poked my head around the bed and looked down at him.

His face was red and his breathing was heavy. I smiled
"Ev are you ok" I cooed at him
"Y-Yeah just never to that again," he said still getting his breath back
"Don't call me softy then."
"Deal?" he held out his handed

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