Kids pt 3

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I'm so sorry for making the chapters short af I will try my best to make them longer and more exciting. Please read my note at the end ITS IMPORTANT!
Mark POV

"So.... how old are you?"


"Fourteen soon to be fifteen next week" Mark said proudly

Donghyuck let out a groan and slid down making him lie down on his back. Mark just giggled copying his actions
"So I have to call you hyung?"


Donghyuck turned his body so he was now facing Mark, Mark doing the same as him
"Your cute" Donghyuck blurted out and smirked at Marks flushed face.

"And your weird"

"I know" Both Mark and Donghyuck laughed.

But when they looked back at each other they only looked into each other's eyes before bursting out laughing again and again.

After their so little laugh festival they got lost in a conversation about music and dancing.
"Any bands or singers your interested in?" Mark asked curiously
"Well I LOVE Michael Jackson anddddd EXO" hearing that Mark instantly widened his eyes "Me too!" Donghyuck grinned ear to ear "do you know any of the dances? We can do them together if you'd like?" Mark asked cautiously
"Hell yeah! Wait here"

Donghyuck got up and left the room while Mark pulled up the song 'The Eve' with a murderous smirk and looked up when Donghyuck came back with a huge mirror. (Btw if you don't know The Eve choreo I suggest you watch the dance practice video and if you just want a simple answer 'SEXY' especially with a partner) "Okay lets dance" Mark grinned at the younger words

"Okay" and with that Mark cued the music

If you want you can play it while reading but I skipped far in the song so...

Donghyuck jaw dropped at the song choice not going unnoticed by Mark. "What what's wrong? Do you not know the choreography?" Mark said teasingly making Donghyucks face blush a deep shade of red. "No no it's just that-"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Mark set the phone down

In front of a high wall small, weak wind sounds
With those lines Donghyuck did the moves correctly, swiftly, and most importantly sexually which made Mark give a small smile. At the last part of Baekhyuns lines he made the circle and afterwards threw his left hand and brought back while Mark did the same (if you've seen it you know what I mean)

It's like a storm, listen to it
They both switched spots while spinning while their hands did a slow wave when they reached their new spots. While doing the rest of the moves Mark waited patiently until the specific line he's been waiting for to come.

You have to break it
Hearing those lines both Mark and Donghyuck brought their left arms down and brought it up over their heads gracefully yet forcefully with a slow body wave as they stared at each other through the mirror. Donghyuck tried his best not to give in as Mark enjoyed him struggling.

Donghyuck grew frustrated trying to keep his sanity while doing the rest of the dance while Mark was just enjoying this time. Donghyuck tried to think payback when he got the perfect idea.

When D.O's part was about to come up Donghyuck smiled at the older. Mark was confused and scared but covered it with a blank expression.

It bloomed over the fence look at the landscape
Mark made the circular shape with his hands while Donghyuck went up behind him throwing his arm away. Mark spun and moved to the left and then did a slow arm wave not expecting the youngers actions.

Instead of sliding his hand from Marks shoulder to his wrist Hyuck went rested his hand on Marks knee and brought it up slowly until he heard that line that he knew would make him win this game.

You have to break it
Donghyucks hand was dangerously on Mark's thigh and when the line came up his hand jolted to Mark's member sliding its way up and lifting his shirt up to reveal his tan stomach.

Mark did his slow body roll with his hand above his head. As he was about to react he quickly caught himself.

When the second part came up Mark grabbed Donghyuck's hand and guided its way up his chest while doing the slow body roll spreading his legs further apart while Donghyuck did the slow body roll with him.

Both smirked at each other while standing up properly.

"You have moves Mark" Donghyuck said with his hand still in Marks shirt.

"You too" Mark said pausing the song and powered off his phone putting it in his pocket. Donghyuck took his hand out of Marks shirt "And abs" Mark laughed at his compliment but stopped when he got a text from his mom asking to come home.

"Oh I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow, bye Hyuck!" Mark said running out of Donghyucks room

"Bye Mark Lee"

HELLO ONCE AGAIN! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and I also hope it was more interesting. This is the last Kids pt chapter aka flashback and starting from now I'm going to post REAL chapters after I introduce the characters. Please comment and if you want you can vote even though I didn't really do anything but yeah 👍 Tysm for reading bye byeeee👋❤️

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