chapter 5 //freakishly handsome

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i made it to the car and jack was already there leaned against the hood, i rushes over to him and threw myself at him. he caught me and looked down at me surprised
"well hello to you too"
he said as he smoothed my hair down
i shook my head and made my way to the passenger side
"let's get outta here, it's been a long day"
with that i got in the car throwing my bag in the back seat.
jack came around and got in the driver seat watching me from the corner of his eye. i'm gonna have a lot of questions to answer today.

as we pulled away from the school
i threw my head back against the seat and groaned 
Dean still has my marker
i thought to myself
i just can't catch a break 

as we pulled away from the school i threw my head back against the seat and groaned Dean still has my markeri thought to myselfi just can't catch a break 

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the ride to jacks was silent, the car filled with the low hum of the radio. i had put the seat back and was laid back with my eyes closed. i wanted to savor the peace before he grilled me at home. 

when i opened my eyes next we had pulled into the parking garage of his apartment complex, i wish the drive was a little longer but no use avoiding the inevitable. 

Jack turned and gave me a look, but said nothing as he got out the car, i followed after him with heavy feet. he lived on the 4th floor and i didn't like elevators if it wasn't necessary so we always took the stairs for my sake. 

we made it to his floor, and walked to his door, apartment 409, the door with stickers on it because i put them on one day complaining his door was too boring. he unlocked his 3 locks, he always said '2 for good measure and 1 for luck'

i went in first and made a b-line for the kitchen because i knew that's what he wanted, i kicked my shoes off on the way and dropped my bag  by the couch. 

i plopped down on a stool at the little island and played with the ends of my hair while i waited for jack to come in. he always had to do a once around when he came home, it put his mind at ease. 

once he was done, he strolled in wearing comfy clothes 

so that's what took him so long 

i thought to myself as he sat across from me in his signature pose, arms crossed and his head tiled to one side a bit. when he did it, he came off intimidating when i did it i looked like a puppy, totally unfair. 


"its nothing really jack, i met the first new kid in english. his name is jean, we didn't talk anymore for me to know anymore, bruce is just a goof. and i met the other twin, dean in math he asked for my notes ya know he has to catch up. i didn't talk to either of them really..."

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