Chapter 94: Its My Life

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"You know what, it was a mistake bringing Dean here," I muttered. "We're leaving."

"Gabby, no!" my mom exclaimed as I walked away to the guest bedroom. I opened it and slammed it behind me.

Dean walked over right away and pulled me into his arms, "You OK?"

"No," I muttered, "Pack your stuff."

Dean yanked away, "You mean we're leaving?"

"Yes, my dad is being selfish" I mumbled as I started throwing everything in my suitcase.

"He doesn't want us together?"

I looked at him with sympathy, "He didn't say that exactly."

Dean turned away and started pacing his stuff.

"I told him I didn't care. That I was going to be with you whether he wanted it or not."

Dean half smiled, "Thanks for defending me."

I zipped my suitcase, "I love you. Of course I'll defend you."

Dean kissed me lightly, "Are you sure we should just leave?"

"I think we shouldn't come back until they calm down," I said, lifting my suitcase up, "Lets go."

Luckily, the front door didnt go through the kitchen so we went outside. I opened the trunk and we both put our suitcases in.

"Gabby!" I looked up.

I was surprised to see Daniel. He hadn't talked at all during the whole yell fest.

"Gabby, don't leave," Daniel grabbed my arm.

I rolled my eyes, "Well I am."

"Listen, you know dad. He's really protective over you."

"He has a great way of showing it."

"I stayed quiet most of the time," Daniel said, "I know Dean and I really don't see eye to eye," the two looked at each other, "But I don't care. As long as your happy, I don't care."

I couldn't help, but smile, "Thank you, Daniel," I hugged him.

"Stay them. Mom, Brie and I all support you."

"I know. I need time to calm down," I said, "Maybe I'll talk to dad again before we leave."

"Ok, I guess that's better then nothing," Daniel muttered, "I'm calling you tomorrow, you better answer."

I nodded, "Thanks. See ya."

I headed to the drivers seat and got in. Dean got in the passengers seat. I drove off, leaving my brother standing there.

I pulled my phone out, "Where are we going?" Dean asked.

"I'm going to see if we can spend the night at Charlotte's," I put the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" Charlottes voice came from the other end.

"Hey, Char."


"Listen, can you do me a big favor?"

"Anything for you, Mrs, Ambrose."

I giggled for a few seconds, "Do you mind if Dean and I come spend the night."

"If you like sleeping on the couch slash floor."

"I don't care."

"What happened."

"I'll tell you when I get their," I assured.

"Alright, see ya."

"I still don't think it was a good idea to leave your parents like that," Dean said when I hung up.

"Just got to let dad cool down," I looked at him, "It'll be alright."

"I hope you're right."

We arrived at Charlottes house. I grabbed my things out of the trunk.

Charlotte came running out the door before I could even do anything. She lived in an apartment building.

She gave me a hug, "Gabby!"

"Hey," I said.

"Dean!" Charlotte hugged him without warning, "Alright, lets get inside, we'll talk there."


I sat at her kitchen table with Dean next to me.

"Where's Zach?" I asked as she set a beer in front of me.

"Working," Charlotte said with a smiling, "Trying to get money for a new house."

"You guys are buying a new house?"

"Yeah!" Charlotte sat by me, "Enough about me, what happened."

"Lets just say dad isn't to keen on Dean."

"Why?" Charlotte asked as she started eyeing my beer.

I looked over at Dean. I didn't want to make him feel bad.

"It's fine, I'm tough," Dean read my thoughts.

"Just about his past and stuff," I said.

Charlotte nodded, "What did you do in your past?"

Of course Charlotte didn't know. I had almost forgotten.

"You don't have to answer," Charlotte quickly added.

"I was just stupid when I was young, lets just say that," Dean said.

"Here's what I think about the situation," Charlotte said, "If your dad doesn't like it, who cares? You think my parents like Zach?"

"When's the last time you talked to them?" I asked.

Charlotte looked down, "Anyways, it's your lives," she motioned towards us, "And as long as you guys love each other, Who cares what other people think."

Dean smirked at me, "I agree, but it still would be nice if your parents did like me."

"They do, dad is just going to need more talking too," I assured.

"I'll come talk to him with you guys if you want," Charlotte offered, "I can be pretty persuasive."

"I can see that," Dean muttered.

Charlotte laughed, "Then its settled and after your dad loves Dean and me, we can all go have fun."

"Ok," I said, "You can come."

"I wasn't asking permission," Charlotte got up, "Anyways, who's sleeping on the floor and who wants the couch."
Weird ending, but oh well.

Question for y'all, when Charlotte has her baby should it be a boy or a girl?

Anyways, hope it was great. Keep your eyes open for the next one.

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