Bryce almost let out a groan as Noah walked into the locker room on his own. All throughout second period, Bryce had sat beside Noah, glaring at anyone that even bothered to think about thinking to glance his way. The mere thought had sent off a red alarm in his mind, which in turn made him cautiously stare to the entirety of the small, but threateningly crowded, class.

And now here they were, outside one of the few places Bryce couldn't enter.

"Bryce, you need to wait by the bleachers," Noah explained. "Don't worry; I can take care of myself."

Bryce didn't question Noah's ability to defend himself. The recurring worry had little to do with the idea of Noah losing a battle and more with the fact that the human would have to be worried about watching his own back the whole period. Or that he'd be pushed to do something he'd inevitably regret.

"Are you sure you'll be—"

Just then, Josiah happened to walk by. Noah didn't see him passing by and entering the locker room, but Bryce sure did. He'd been trying to grab Noah's attention, yet he gave up when he realized that doing so might provoke Bryce's rage. Instead, he simply hurried into the locker room, not bothering to glance back just in case he truly did anger the human's bodyguard.

"We're changing your classes," Bryce deadpanned. "Someone could stab you while you're changing. Or worse!"

Noah laughed, nudging him away lightly, ignoring his suggestion altogether, and walking into the locker room. Bryce took a step forward before stopping himself and growling in irritation. The institution didn't allow him to be in there, whether he wanted to enter or not.

Clearly, the institution didn't comprehend that Bryce wasn't interested in those stupid demon teens. Honestly, he couldn't have cared any less even if he willingly tried.


"Noah, how are you?" Josiah smiled, walking up to Noah just as the human opened one of the lockers.

"Is this one being used?" Noah asked.

Josiah frowned. "If it doesn't have a lock, then no."

Noah nodded in agreement, smiling for a brief second before realizing the implication of the lack of a lock. "Wait, how am I supposed to keep my things from getting stolen if mine doesn't have a lock?"

Josiah glanced at the locker, looking at it curiously. That was a very good question.

"Well, the coach will give you a lock. How about we share a locker for today?" He asked, guiding Noah towards his own locker.

Noah sighed contentedly, relieved that he didn't have to worry about leaving his weapons alone in an unlocked space. The thought of some reckless teenage demon barging into his personal possessions and finding the weapon was enough to terrify him, not only because of the harm he could cause himself and others, but the trouble that would get Noah into in any case.

"So, Bryce seems like quite the individual," Josiah pointed out. "Kind of moody though."

"I'm guessing it's a military thing," Noah replied, grinning. That was his only explanation.

"You know, my sister's also a soldier," Josiah pointed out.

Noah slipped off his shirt, stopping when he realized he also didn't have any clothes to change into. Josiah laughed when he saw Noah's confused expression and handed him an extra pair of shorts and a shirt.

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