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Being patient is one of the toughest jobs, isn't it? The more Nirav was trying to be patient, the more his heart made its way down the lane of impatience. Nine months of Anika's pregnancy went quite well, but the last few moments were the most troubling ones. It's the moment when you know that a small life will be playing in your hands after a few moments, but your eyes become so restless to have a look of that small beautiful life making your heart restless to have a glimpse of it. He sat there outside the delivery room rubbing his palms over each other out of nervousness, occasionally looking up at the entrance of the delivery room trying to get a glimpse of the doctor or Anika.

After almost 2 hours which seemed like ages to Nirav, finally, the door unlatched revealing two doctors walking towards him busy with some discussion. He promptly stood up from his place to greet the doctors.

"Congratulations Mr. Nirav, you are blessed with a baby girl.", one of the doctors answered Nirav's unasked question.

Nirav stared for a moment or two towards the doctors trying to decipher their words. His face instantly lit up with a smile. "Oh my god! Thank you so much, doctor. Is Anika alright?"

"Yes, she is. You can go inside and meet both of them."

Mumbling a quick thank you, he dashed towards the room where Anika and his baby were there. Standing at the entrance of the room, he could see his entire world fit in that one room, his wife Anika and his baby girl. He went near the bed on which Anika was sleeping and sat on the stool beside it. He slowly took Anika's hand in his. His actions made Anika open her eyes and look at her husband who was brimming over with emotions. She passed a pleasant smile towards him and all he could do was keep staring at Anika and his child who was placed carefully beside her.

"It's a different feeling, isn't it?", Anika whispered.

Nirav who was still busy adoring his baby instantly replied, "Huh?"

"I mean, it's a very different feeling to actually be a parent. It's one of the most beautiful feelings, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is. I still can't believe I am a father now. I just don't know how to express my feelings, my happiness...", he looked at her with a heart full of emotions on the verge of pouring out.

"I am going through same feelings right now I don't know what to say. Look at this innocent baby, she is our baby, she is our responsibility now. I am just too happy.", she said softly.

"Yes. Anu, what should we call our baby?"

Before Nirav could answer, Anish entered the room saying, "I have a name, I have a name for my niece!"

Nirav smiled at him. "And what is it Anish?"

"Nirika? It's a combo of Nirav and Anika. What do you think about it?"

"Wow, that's a thoughtful suggestion Anish. For a change, your brain worked on the right track!", Anika teased him.

"Oh c'mon di, my brain always works alright, only smart people can understand it though..."

"Okay okay stop you two. So its final, we will call our beautiful baby as Nirika.", Nirav interrupted their verbal argument. Anika nodded in agreement.

Soon the room filled with Anika and Nirav's parents eager to have a look and dear Nirika. Nirav took her in his arms for the first time and his eyes welled up with tears. He kept staring at his daughter with so much love and adoration. The room was filled with so much happiness and all smiling faces.

Nirav took a chance when everyone was busy admiring the baby and whispered to Anika, "How are you feeling? Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am okay.", she said with a slight smile.

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