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Where she meets a man with an interesting face.

May 18, 2018

Harley D.

HERE I WAS, sitting in an half empty coffee shop while the rain was pouring down outside. I sat down in a booth next to a window that had an amazing view of the city. Darkness had fallen upon the sky causing the tall buildings to light up in unison. The restaurant was quiet as I heard drops of rain that hit the building. The place was peaceful.

I looked around the coffee shop, examining a few people that sat near me. I suddenly had a realization that the people in the coffee shop had a way better life than I did. Not to say that my life was horrible. It was okay.

Maybe the woman that sat a few feet away from me had a better life than mine. She was dressed in a green Gucci dress with expensive jewelry on her neck and ears. Maybe her life was fantastic or maybe it wasn't. Or the homeless man who was sitting outside in the rain. I wondered what got him into the situation he was in now.

Maybe I was overthinking. But when you're either sitting in the same room with strangers or walking past them on the street, you have no choice but to look them and wonder if each random person is living a life as vivid and complex as yours.

"Let me know if you need anything else okay honey?" The waitress asked as she sat my food in front of me. Philly Cheesesteak with a side of fries. My favorite.

"Thank you." I said as the smell of cheesesteak hit my nose. My stomach rumbled before I finally took a bite. Damn, I was really hungry. The shop was pretty much empty due to the rain so this was the perfect time for me to draw.

My eyes roamed around the shop and landed on a stranger with an interesting face. His hood covered his face for the most part but the rest I could definitely see.

He was eating alone and I wondered why but I was eating alone as well. His face was interesting. So interesting that I pulled out my notebook and started to sketch him. He noticed me staring and I quickly looked away.

His red hoodie went well on his smooth light skin. His thick eyebrows complemented his face so well. A smile formed upon his lips as he laughed at something on his cellphone. He was perfect. As I finished the last of my sandwich, I took quick glances at him trying to get every detail of his face.

His eyes were so dark and deep that if he stared at you, he was staring right into your soul. He looked at me again and I quickly looked away, staring at the cars that flew by. A few minutes passed and I looked back over at the table. He was gone.

My phone vibrated twice indicating that I had a message and Megan's name flashed across the screen.

HotGirl👭❤️: $2 Tuesday tonight. Bitch u tryna go?

"Why are you drawing my face?" I heard a deep voice ask behind me. My hands froze as I got this nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I looked at the drawing and realized what I was doing was indeed creepy.

"So?" He chuckled.

Up close he was even more handsome.

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