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I'm at a concert and I stg they're never gonna start. Smh. Here you go I guess.

"I hope I pass." Sally said excitedly to Greta. "I don't give a shit if I do or not." Sally sniffed and turned around. I leaned over to Beverly. "People like her think they're so fucking entitled, don't they?" Beverly chuckled. "They do." I scoff. "There's a special place in hell for people like them." She smiled in content. "Alright... I'll call your name and you can come get your report card." The teacher announced. "Marcia Fadden... Frank Frick... Ben Hanscom... Iris Jenning... Beverly Marsh... Sally Mueller." I stood up and followed the rest of them to the front, snatching my report card from her hands. I already knew what was on it. Summer school would be inevitable.

Summer school was five weeks of hell right after hell was supposed to be over. And it's not like I've only gone once. Once every year for most years of my life.

You see, there's one problem with summer school: Henry Bowers. His friends too, of course.

He's not my enemy.

He's not my friend.

We're acquainted, I suppose.

He doesn't bother me because he's friends with my brother Donny.

My only problem with him is he always sits right next to the fan— so do his friends. But that means that I've got to sweat while they're doing their own thing.

It's not like anyone goes the full five weeks though. I go for one before my mom decides she doesn't feel like taking me anymore.

I ran outside, hoping to find the one person I was looking for.

"Bill!" I shouted. He turned around. "Oh... Iris. Hi." Of course his fucking friends had to be there. They always were. I had a huge crush on Bill Denbrough, did you know? I mean... he might've had a stutter, but damn. "I wanted to ask you something." I fumbled with the hem of my shirt. He stared at me. "Uh— do you— would you like to go out with me sometime? I know we don't really talk... I just—" my voice trailed off, going slightly soft. "Oh... uh... s-sure?" He furrowed his eyebrows. One of his friends adjusted their glasses. "Uh... no offense, but who the hell are you?" Glasses kid asked. I frowned. "Iris— Jenning... I Uh-" they exchanged looks. They knew about my sister. Big fucking whoop. "We-we're going to the b-barrens later if you—" glasses kid smacked his arm. "Dude! She doesn't wanna go there." Bill pulled me aside. "I— we're going to the b-barrens later to look for G-Georgie. I figured we c-could look for M-Mila too..." his voice was so soft. Soothing maybe. And as much as I didn't wanna look for my sister, (whom I knew to be dead) I knew that was the only time he'd care to invite me anywhere. I nodded and smiled, of course. "What time?" Bill frowned and looked to his friends. "H-half an hour?" I sigh under my breath but smile and nod. "I can do that. I'm gonna go home." I waved to the group and walked off, only to be completely cut off by Henry Bowers. "Nice frisbee, flamer." He picked up the kippah off of the Jewish kid's head and threw it like a frisbee. I gave him a look. "The fuck Bowers?" I raised my eyebrows. He looked to the losers, then to me. "Really? These losers are your friends?" I crossed my arms, suddenly feeling less confident as he stepped closer to me. "I gave Denbrough a free ride this year— cause of his brother. But the ride's over and this summer's gonna be a hurt train for him and his fucking friends. If you stay away from them, I'll stay away from you. Got it?" His voice was a low growl, probably not even audible to the other kids. "Got it." I nudged him firmly so that he'd back off. He glanced over my shoulder to where his father was standing, looking right at us. "Remember Jenning, it's your choice." He said before shoving glasses kid into the mud and walking off with his friends. "Fuck me..." Glasses kid yelled. I gritted my teeth and turned around, wanting to hit someone. "I— I don't know if I can go to the barrens today." I told Bill. "Huh? W-why?" I swore under my breath. "I just— you know how it goes. Lone wolf over here and you guys are... a group." I laughed nervously. The weird short kid with asthma spoke up. "She probably just doesn't wanna go splashing around in all that shitty water, Bill. Even though I'm a grade A germaphobe, I can tell you nobody really wants to do that." He trailed off.

I looked over to the other exit where Beverly Marsh and the new kid were standing. I got there just as Beverly left. I noticed the longing in his eyes— something I had felt for Bill but I knew he didn't reciprocate. "Are you in love with her or some shit?" Of course my mouth started moving before my brain started thinking. What's fucking new? His face turned red. "Do I know you?" I shook my head. "Maybe, maybe not?" I shrugged. "Iris— social studies class?" He shook his head. "I'm sorry I don't—" I held up my hand to shush him. "I know. Nobody knows me. I wanted to let you know that Henry just left through the front with his friends. Just a warning... stay out of his way this summer, okay? He's gonna be fucking with everyone." He stared at me with an odd look on his face. "Aren't you one of his friends?" He backed up slightly. "Really? Would I be warning you if I was?" I rolled my eyes. He handed me his project. "Hold this?" I grabbed it and watched as he hopped onto his bike. He held out his hand and I gave him the project. "See you around, kid." I said with a wave. I turned around and saw Glasses kid standing there in front of them group of losers. "I'd like to formally apologize for my friend Bill's ridiculous behavior. It's not often that a girl asks him out— or talks to him at all. You don't have to come to the barrens, but we'd appreciate it if you came to the quarry later today." He said to me. "Uh... what time?" He shrugged. "How about 4:30?" He asked. "I'll see if I can go." I trailed off and scratched my arm. He smiled. "Alright." I sighed. "Just uh— what is everyone's name here?" I gestured to the group in front of me. "Richie, Eddie, Bill, Stan." Everyone waved but the last kid who just looked up at me in a strange way— the way Ben looked at Beverly. I shook it off— it was probably my imagination. I watched them walk past me— only I didn't see Stan turn to look back at me.

Okay that's the first chapter. The last sentence is a reference!! It means something really important to the plot soooo if you get it, great! Next chapter will delve more into Iris's brother, Donny and her parents. I'm really excited for this story. Get ready, it's gonna be a fucking bop. Also don't freak out that she likes Bill. This is still a Stan Uris story soooo yep.

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