Kids pt.2

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Mark's POV still


"Who's Donghyuck?" Mark asked confused
"Oh that's right I should introduce you him. He's my son"

"Oh well-"

"DONGHYUCK!"she yelled out suddenly making Mark jump up a little. "Oh and you can call me Mrs. Hyuck since I know your last name is Lee too" she said giggling in which Mark let out a breath of relief. It would be weird calling her Mrs. Lee and but glad she understood

"Wait how'd you know that?"

"Your mailbox you silly" Mark turned to see a monkey looking boy, tan, brown orbs, and a little shorter than. "Hi my names Donghyuck" the said boy greeted with a slight bow. "Mark" Mark introduced himself with a slight bow as well. "Wow no hi or nice to meet you? Where are your manners?!" Mark giggled awkwardly at his dramatic comment as Donghyuck just smiled "I'm just kidding but anyways nice to meet you"

"nice to meet you too" 

"Okay so Mark here are Donghyucks boxes, he'll show you where his room is and please Hyuck don't be weird" Hyuck rolled his eyes before answering "psshh as if, follow me slave" Donghyuck pulled glasses out of no where and put them on strutting his way to his new home. Mark laughed at the cocky male before entering with two boxes.

"Riiiiighhhtttt HERE!" Hyuck and Mark made their way into Hyucks new room

"Where would you like me to set these?" Mark asked looking around the room

"Oh you can just set them on the floor over there I'm fine with it" Hyuck said taking his glasses off and sitting on the floor. Mark put the boxes down near the window and sat down next to his new neighbor.

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