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"ms. kim! what is the answer?"

awaking out of her daydream, minkyung looked up at the board when she heard her name. "huh?" she muttered absently, scanning the chalkboard in front for any clues as to what the teacher asked.

"i said," the teacher groaned, an annoyed tone attached to it. "what are the 3 trigonometric functions?" without even paying any attention whatsoever, minkyung replied "easy. sine, consine, and tangent. now it's my turn to ask a question: teacher, why the fuck do we even have to learn this when it will do us 0 good in the future if our jobs don't require mathematics?"

all of the students in the classroom burst out laughing and minkyung even heard laughter beside her, meaning the undead — such as yebin — were laughing as well. the teacher fumed, balling and unballing her fists a million times before taking a deep breath in and replying, "kid, i'm the one asking questions here. you listen to me, remember ms. kim? and to answer your question, it isn't just used in jobs. trigonometry— well..."

"well what, ms. park? i'm waiting. we all are. this angle shit is enough to make people fall asleep — look at yoongi for example!" upon hearing his name, almost on cue, he jolted up, sending minkyung a look. "what about me?"

the teacher looked absolutely ready to kill minkyung at any means necessary. thankfully, though, before she could even utter a word, the bell rang and everyone fast-walked out the classroom.

minkyung walked to her home room with a smug look on her face, proud to outsmart the annoying math teacher known as ms. park.

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