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Han jisung has been skipping school and not answering anyone who call him he didn't know how long he would stay like this but he knew he wanted to be alone right now.

And so that's what ended him being in han river sitting alone while it's raining he was socked wet but he didn't care and just sat there shivering.

(Note:when han jisung sitting in the han river and both are hans lolz nvm i tried making a joke I'm not good at jokes lolz)

I hate them alot i just wanna go and jumo in the river and die...jisung thought as he looked at the river.

Suddenly he got up walking to the river but felt hands around him which made him stop and look behind him.

"Jisung why did you ignore my calls why didn't you come to school?"minho asked jisung worried about the younger.

"It's nothing hyung don't worry"jisung smiled as he hugged the older tightly holding his tears from falling down.

Don't leave me I need you you're the only one for me..both thought smiling lightly at the thought.

"Let's go back your wet you have to change before you catch a cold"the older commanded as he carried the younger to his house.

This ticklish feeling in my stomach came again..what is the meaning of it jisung thought as he hugged the older tightly scared he would vanish anytime.

Both arrived to minho's house the younger immediately changed his clothes both of them cuddling falling asleep

•°•°•next day•°•°•

Minho woke up with someone coughing that made him sigh i knew it that he'll get sick aishh soo stubborn..minho thought as he got his out from the bed cooking...


Soo second it was huh anyways next chapter will be fluffy soo get ready to tear up because of the most realistic ship in stray kids!!! Anyways hope u enjoyed!!

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