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Why are we here?
My God, that's trite.
But still unanswered,
It's lost its Bite.

I go through the Motions.
What greets my sight?
Just a soulless morning,
Drowned in endless Night.

Things'll get better.
That's what They say.
We'll see what comes,
Let come what may.

Is meaning so important?
Could mere existence be the Way?
Lord, surely there is something more?
Some hope yet for the Break of Day?

'Tis said we Make our Meaning.
That may well be right.
But then, is there nothing Real?
Is there no prayer for Light?

The Darkness overwhelms me.
I flee the rising Night.
There must exist a refuge,
Some balm to heal the Blight.

I won't rest until I find it,
That spark of Light within the Grey.
Oh, where can lie that hidden path,
That road back to the Bright of Day?

My soul cries out in Anguish.
Oh, Lord, please grant me sight!
Have I been abandoned here?
Held fast by Shadow's might?

No. Not ever.
I won't believe that's right.
All burden shall be lifted,
The Grey awash in White.

There shall come the Final calling.
When, I cannot say.
All shall find their high road Home.
Long Night shall burn away.

For Your sake, Lord,
And for my own,
I must believe
I'm not Alone.

Life is more than Living.
Of that I now am sure.
I shall never again surrender
To Despair's sweet, sickly lure.

For now I know
I am in the right.
My spirits are Lifted,
My Soul takes flight.

I await Thee, Lord.
I feel You near.
This life You gave,
I no longer Fear.

The Shadows have withered,
My sight grown clear.
I rejoice in this Life
I now hold so dear.


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