Chapter 80: Past 4

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"I won't let you go." Licht said a little bit serious.

Lawless was shock with that but then smile he was glad he had Found some great friends.

"Thank you Licht, Mahiru. But... I'm not sure how to protect you. Well Licht is fine since he can defend hisself with his powerful kicks. But I doubt with you, I can't always protect you nor licht it self." Lawless said patting Mahiru.

Mahiru's tears fall down. "Sorry for being so weak." Mahiru said.

Licht glare at Lawless saying "how dare you make him Cry!?"

Lawless gulp and then; "don't cry, Don't cry." Lawless said and wipe Mahiru's tears. "If you want I can teach you how to fight. " lawless said. Mahiru look up, "bu-but.. I've never been in a Fight before or even try one. Li-chan was the one who always protected me, So... I think I might be a Horrible Student." Mahiru said looking down.

Lawless laugh. " I can handle that,Your too cute and innocent to let my anger on you." Lawless said.

"You'll think I have a potential?" Mahiru ask.

Lawless chuckle. "I'll say what you said to me, If You want there are many ways, If You don't want you have many Reasons." Lawless.

Mahiru was happy that day.

So Lawless decided to trained Mahiru. Turns out Mahiru is good at fighting when using a weapon.

.... So with that, Lawless-san did trained me. But I can't even Hit Lawless-san nor Li-chan with a slightest scarch they are too Fast for me. But Lawless-san Always compliment me that I'm good but I doubt it myself." Mahiru said done explaining his past.

Tsubaki then look at Mahiru with disbelief eyes. "I'm surprise that Lawless-niisan did actually Trained you, Treat you as Friends. Knowing him he is... Well heartbroken. He killed his previous Eves before when he got bored." Tsubaki said.

Mahiru look down. "I Never know that before, I just know it just recently but I think Lawless-san isChanging because of Li-chan I think." Mahiru said.

Kuro knows that Lawless change not Because of Licht. But he still jealous about Lawless being so Close to Mahiru and seems Mahiru is happy with it. Kuro then shook that thought away.

"Maybe you should Ask The Servamp of Greed to trained you more since he is your first teacher anyway." Aquarza said.

"I probably should, If Li-chan is not Busy currently." Mahiru said.

"I'm sure this Li-chan would make time. But until then I'll suggest you should be prepared for the worst. Because I know they will target you first knowing your the weakest among all Eve." Aquarza said.

"I know, Thanks for the warning." Mahiru said and smile.



When Mahiru was on the way Home all of his friends are with him and all of them talk some random things until they separated.

When Mahiru got home, He immediately slum down on the couch.

"Ahh.. I'm tired." Mahiru said.

"Told you not to go to school too Troublesome." Kuro sat down on the floor and his back hitting the couch.

"You know I can't do that." Mahiru said tiredly.

"Hmm." Kuro said and got the remote and started watching the T.V. A comfortable silent went between the Two.

"I didn't know That Lawless Did Trained you." Kuro said in his usual Tone.

"Hm~ Yeah. He did, Its incase to protect myself since I'm stuck with him those days. I also don't want him to leave me and Li-chan." Mahiru said and smile.

"I guess His happy with that Violent Angel in his side." Kuro said.

"Don't call Li-chan that, He won't appreciate you really." Mahiru said and pat Kuro's Head.

Kuro then look at His lover and Gave him a short kiss.

"Rest, Your really tired." Kuro said.

"You sure you don't want me to cook something For you?" Mahiru ask.

"No, I'm fine." Kuro said and pat Mahiru's head.

"This is un usual Kuro, Are you really My Kuro?" Mahiru ask as he is suspiciously Think that Kuro did Change.

"No its still me, I just don't want you to get tired." Kuro said and kiss Mahiru's Forehead.

Mahiru chuckle. "Thanks For Your concern. I love you and Good Night Kuro." Mahiru said before closing his eyes.

"Me too." kuro said as he let Mahiru sleep first before carrying Mahiru towards there room and making sure Mahiru gets a rest.


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