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"MOM IM GONNA GO OUT FOR A WALK ILL BE BACK AFTER DINNER" Mark yelled as he was waiting for his mother's permission to go out at the front door

"OKAY STAY SAFE" his mother shouts her response from the kitchen. Hearing that Mark opens the front door and closes it behind him beginning his journey. That journey ended when he saw a family moving into the empty house next to them. Mark thought about just continuing his peaceful walk but being too nice is a struggle.

Mark slowly approached the lady "um excuse me miss" Mark said while taping her shoulder "huh? Oh hello what can I do for you young man?" She said smiling, Mark couldn't help but smile back "oh I was just wondering if you needed any help?" The tall brunette smiled "that's very nice of you, yes I was actually wondering if you could help with Donghyuck's boxes!"



HELLO HELLO GUYSSSSSS!!! Welcome to my first fan fic :3 I'm sorry to say this but I think I might have slow updates
:( I'm going to have more fan fics in the future and I'm thinking about what they should be about, the ship, and etc but for now I'm sticking to this. I'm actually VERY very excited for the next one I'm going to make cause it's something I've only read and never tried but I'll try my hardest! Hope you liked this chapter! Bai baiii

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