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From: Minho 💗

Meet me at the rooftop in 5.

But class is going to start.


Jisung didn't understand the older's reasoning but still complied and walked up the stairs next to the locker room towards the rooftop after the bell rang and the hallways got empty.


As soon as Jisung stepped outside, he was tackled to the floor in a bone-crashing hug, sniffling the oh-so-familiar cologne his best friend used.

"Hi" Minho said as they got away from the door and layed down closer to the rooftop's edge.


"How's my baby doing?"

Jisung blushed at the nickname but decided to ignore the question. "Why did you call me here today? Class has already started"

"You have P.E Jisung, I know you'd rather be here, and I already told your teacher that you weren't feeling that well so you went home earlier"

"You're always doing these things."

"What things?"

"Things that force me to be with you..."

"Oh, I thought you liked this..."

"I do..."

"Then what's the problem in spending quality time with your best friend, aka future boyfriend?"

"F-future boyfriend? We only had one date!"

"Wasn't it fun though?"

"I guess so..."

"C'mon Ji, let's relax for a bit" he said as he intertwined their fingers, to which the younger smiled and closed his eyes.

Thank God P.E was his last class of the day because he wasn't getting up so soon.

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