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"(Y/N)," your best friend, Luisa nudged you as the two of you stood at the reception desk. "Stop staring!" she laughed as you looked at the most beautiful man alive, Michael Jackson. Well, you were looking at a picture that you had stored in your wallet, and your best friend could not get enough of your little infatuation.

The two of you worked as doctors. She was a gynecologist, and you were a psychiatrist. Despite being the top in each of your classes, the two of you were little kids at heart, laughing and joking about the littlest of things.

"Ugh, he's so beautiful," you laughed as Luisa shook her head. "Imagine if we ever got to meet him," you sighed as Luisa signed a few documents before the two of you began to walk along the corridors.

"Yeah, we'd have to have the money to do that," she shrugged, making her way to her office. "I'll see you in the afternoon," she waved before entering her office.

You smiled to yourself and shoved your wallet back into the pocket of your coat - continuing to walk along. You entered your office that wasn't too far away, letting out a sigh before shutting the door behind you.

As you walked over to your desk, your telephone began to ring. You picked it up, and at the same time, fiddling with the your computer mouse to bring the device to life.

"(Y/N)'s office, how may I help you," you answered, sitting down.

"Dr. (Y/N), this is reception - we have a patient here that would like to see you," a lady's greeted you.

"Do they have an appointment?" you frowned a little.

"No, but we know that you'll want to see this patient. We've sent him to your office,"

"What have I said about-"

You were cut off when you realized that the line was disconnected.

"Stupid," you mumbled before someone knocked at your office door. You straightened up, inhaling deeply. "Come in," you tried to force a smile.

The door opened slowly, and when you caught a glimpse of whom it was - your eyes widened. Your jaw fell open in disbelief.

Standing before you was someone you never imagined you'd see.

The man himself.

Michael Jackson.

Am I dreaming?

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