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April all but collapsed onto the sofa, wincing as her sore ankle caught the corner of the chair. Two face offs with Quill in the same amount of days left her feeling even more drained than usual. It was a major downside to being a hero that no one was supposed to know about - other than her and Charlie.

He seemed  to be in even worse shape, slumped half-asleep on the other side of the sofa. As his eyes flickered shut, a faint golden energy field also flickered weakly around him. April wasn't entirely sure how Charlie's powers worked but the bursts of golden energy that he fired at Quill or molded into shields always left him drained at the end of the day. When he slept, a field protected him; April was kind of jealous of the fact he could use his powers unconsciously. Charlie was so powerful it practically radianted - when they flew together earlier, she could feel little waves of unnatural heat as the energy blasts passed her and knocked Quill out the sky.

She couldn't get as comfortable. Quill was most likely still at large and she was up to something... nothing good April was sure. Quill had been causing trouble for the Rhodian state for years before she became Charity. At least five years. Maybe more.

It was their job to protect the Rhodian State - April's family was out there, innocent people too. Taking on aliases such as Charity and Mercy meant they had to live up to such virtuous names.

It was a lot of pressure for a nineteen year old.

But if they didn't stop Quill, who would?

Her phone buzzed and April reached out for it, half expecting it to be a new mission from Kate. What she actually read filled her with much more dread.


April, i know u are charity

She bit her lip and glanced at Charlie who had finally fallen asleep, curled up around his knees and blissfully oblivious.

Who are you?

is this why u broke up with me

why u left

April let the screen turn to black and sighed. There was only one person it could be.

Double checking Charlie was completely out, she hauled herself up and pushed open the glass doors to step out onto the balcony. She gave her phone a final glance and then found the energy to fly out into the night.

"This cannot be happening," she muttered to herself, making her way to her old neighbourhood.

"This can't happen!" Tanya grunted, typing onto her iPad hastily.

Matteusz glanced at the lines of code she was reading. "Is the damage that bad?"

"I think when Mercy shot her with the energy bubble it hit a key receptor in the suit." She looked at his expression. "Basically it shut off it's connection so we can't talk to her in the field unless I can get it back online."

Quill lay back with a medical kit scattered on the table in front of her. She picked the last of the grit from her arm and put one of Tanya's high-tech bandages on, which merged with her skin. Matteusz wasn't sure how Tanya had made it but from he had learnt in the last three months was that she was basically a genius.

"Anything I can do to help?"

"Unless you have a degree in mechanics, then no."

Matteusz frowned. "Do you?"

"Not physically," Tanya replied, "but it's all up here." She tapped her head and grinned at him.

"You can help me by getting me a drink," Quill announced from her resting place. "Use the big glasses. Those energy blasts hurt."

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