Chapter 12

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  Recap: Just in time too. Next thing he knew he was on a blanket cushioning, and a royally pissed off daughter of Athena pinning him down with a gleaming bronze dagger at his throat.  


Percy sat on the couch, his eyes going back and forth between the two groups on either side of the room, him in the middle. On the left, the Avengers plus Loki, all but Bucky looking confused but ready to fight. On the right, was the group Percy was terrified of. He had managed to get them all to agree to a stand still and to go to the lounge so he could explain. How they actually agreed to that, he didn't know. But they had been standing/sitting in silence for the last five minutes.

It didn't help that whenever he seemed about to say anything he'd look to the right and see either Annabeth sharpening her dagger, Thalia twirling her arrow, or both.

Closing his eyes Percy took a shaky breath, mentally cursed at Bucky -resulting in smothered snickers from the winter soldier-, because of demigod enhanced hearing he quietly said something in Greek then repeated it in Latin. All he'd said was, 'They don't know and its staying that way.' He received barely noticeable nods from the demigods as he looked up. He was about to attempt to explain when Tony got tired of the silence.

"Would some one mind explaining whats going on here?! Who are they?! Why did a group of armed teenagers break in to my tower?! HOW did they even get into my tower?!?!" Tony's voice got louder with each question.

Percy laughed nervously, "They're uh... my friends from a summer camp I've been going to for the past few years..." Thalia coughed and gestured to her, Nico, Hazel, and Jason. "Oh, and those four happen to be my cousins, on the side thats not related to Steve..." he added when it looked like Rogers was about to faint at the thought of more relatives.

"That still doesn't explain why they broke into the tower armed and attacked you and us." Natasha pointed out. Before Percy could answer, Annabeth did it for him.

"Percy here has a tendency to get himself kidnapped, so when he said he was only going to visit him mom for a few days but didn't come back in over a week we got worried. We assumed the worst when we got to the apartment and the neighbors old us Sally had been murdered. It took us a while to find him. As for the weapons, Our camp is for troubled kids, one of they ways they have us work off extra energy is self defense and seeing as we thought Percy had been kidnapped we thought we might need them." Ever the daughter of wisdom, it seemed she chose the right words as they seemed to calm down most of the Avengers, Natasha looked wary but shes Natasha, she's supposed to be skeptic. Though Percy got some looks when she said he got kidnapped a lot. 

Yes its very short but I will be starting to update again. Thank you to all of you for being so supportive. See you next time.

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