chapter 4 // things are about to change

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"thank you so much, have a wonderful day"
i said as i made my way out, i heard Dean give her a thank you too and follow me.

once we made it outside the office we stopped immediately and compared schedules.
we were pleasantly surprised to see we had 2 classes together, 3rd and 6th period.
that's not bad, at least we'll have things to talk about when we see each other, every 2 periods we get to chit chat for a bit.

i looked up at Dean with a smile on my face, this is better than i had expected.
He seemed please with the schedule too.
maybe this will be a good year
i thought to myself.

"well we have different 1st periods so i'll walk with you to yours and then go find mine"
it made me feel better to know exactly where he was and that he got there and i know he wanted to object but he let me have this.

we maneuvered through the halls, there were a few kids in the halls since the bell hasn't rung yet but it wasn't bad. i again smiled at some people but didn't try and talk to anyone. we found his 1st period quick and we just leaned near the door, i was gonna stay till the bell rung, it's expected that i'm late my first day so it's not a big deal. that what the little paper was for.

Dean has his usual stone face, but i could tell he was a little tense, he's always had a harder time with new people. he tries but it doesn't come as easy to him.
i patted him on the shoulder
"it's just the first day and it's friday, you'll be fine. you just gotta make it to 3rd period right?"
i said as i put my lollipop back in my mouth.
he said as he put a piece of gum in his mouth and blew a bubble. that was his thing, he always had to have gum, he went through packs like nobody's business.

at that the bell rung and kids started to shuffle around getting to class before the 2nd bell. i looked to Dean and gave him a hug that said 'you'll be fine'.
we gave each other one last look, at that he turned and entered his class.

i started to make my way through the halls, i knew i'd be a couple minutes late. i got a little confused and ended up further away from the room than i should have been.
i was following the numbers as i walked down the hall
231, 232, 233, and 234 found ya
i thought to myself as i came to the door i was looking for. i took a deep breath and thought it's now or never so i just pushed the door open without thinking too much.

when i walked in i felt everyone's eyes turn to me but i channeled my inner Dean and kept my cool.
i made my way over to the teachers desk
"sorry i'm a little late, i was in the office sorting out some things"
i said the first thing that came to mind, i clearly was still nervous but it was just that initial feeling from being away from my brother. I'll be fine in a bit.
i showed her my little slip and she nodded.
she told me to just take a seat in the back and i was fine with that. i turned with a small smile on my face as i made eye contact with some of my classmates on my way to the back.

what i saw next almost made me stop in my tracks completely.
sat in the last seat in the last row by the window was
what i can only describe as a little pixie.
long wave brown hair, fell down her back
it looked thick and i bet she had a hard time taming it.
she was looking out the window, pay me no mind and i prayed she would look my way so i could get a good look at her face, from the side she seemed to have a cute button nose and pouty lips, and lashes that dusted her cheeks when she blinked.

thankfully the seat right next to her was open, oh happy days. i quickly sat down and pulled out my note book and set my schedule down. might as well leave it out i'm going to need it all day.

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