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"So guys, here they are theyre names are Ace and Ivan.." I heard some girls murmurs and whispers how they were so hot, I can practically imagine Kayla flirting with them later. I sighed

He really does ramble when he's nervous. I took a quick glance at the boys and when I did...

OMG! They're beautiful... Or would you say handsome

Either way they were perfect..

I didn't recognize the whole class was looking at until... *coughs* I snap out of it and see the two boys in front of me smirking

I blush and instantly remember my paci, I picked it out of my mouth before putting it inside my bag

I looked back to see everyone staring at me, particularly Kayla

But more like glaring than staring, I had my head down and was playing with my fingers. I heard  coming closer to my desk, I looked up to see the twins looking at me with happiness

I cock my head to the side in confusion "huh?" I said out loud, they just chuckled before one of them lifted me off my chair and placed me on his hip, I gasp and wondered why they weren't disgusted by me

Same with everyone as well, they all gasped, though I just noticed that only Mr. Ivan didn't, he just seemed amused

I think the both of them caught on as to why I was confused and whispered into my ear

"Were daddies"

Sorry for the late update.... I had exams and didn't have the time to write a long chapter..

Mostly all I said above is a lie except for me having exams..

But actually I did have time to write.. I was just busy doing other stuff..

Don't worry on the next chapter will be a lot longer I promise!

Until the next chapter! *waves goodbye*

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