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'It's just a regular target they said, no one will notice his absence they said, well no one told me I was currently targeting Suna's most dangerous Gang Lord!' (Y/N) thought angrily, while she scaled an abandoned warehouse. 'Oh it's nothing a Assassin such as yourself could handle this easily, just kill the target and leave. Nothing to it right?.' The (H/C) girl tucked her hair in to her tight fitted black outfit and placed her Ookami mask over her head, and started setting up her sniper when She reader a broken window that gave her a clear view of the inside. Which was filled with One tailed gang members. 'I knew the amount of money he was paying me was sketchy, especially since this is supposed to be another average target' lining up her sight, she steadied her breathing as she locked on the man with the Sand Demon mask. 'Kill him and leave, that's all you have to's just another target'

"There he is...everything ready..." she whispered, trying to calm her nerves "he's just another target, count of 3"

"One" Target lined up for clear headshot.

"Two" steady, wait for the right moment.

"Three" what?!



"Ah...owwww. What the fuck?" Eyes burning, and head pounding. (Y/N) groaned, lifting her head up. Immediately wincing at the pain, in her neck from her head not being supported, her head from what she had to guess being hit, not to mention her body felt like someone just ragdoll tossed her body down the stairs. Looking around, the room looked empty, and void of any other life, other than the intense light shining in her blood shot eyes. Her limbs felt cramped, and bound to the very chair she was sitting in.
Blinking away the fuzzyness from her vision, (Y/N) started feeling the warm wetness that covered her head, and her torso.


"How cliche of course I'm bleeding, and in an extreme amount of pain. Only thing missing is some crazy fuck who starts telling me I have to tell them why I was where I was in the first place".

"Yes, and you will tell me everything." A voice rumbled behind her, a hand running smoothly over her shoulder down her arm seemingly having no real intention until it grip her arm painfully,  pulling it roughly and successfully pulling it out of its socket. The man seeming to be disappointed in her light scream. "Looks like I underestimated the pain tolerance you have, especially I could only get a light scream"

Gaara Sabaku, Suna's most known gang lord. Breathing heavily the (H/C) Assassin tried to focus her mind on other things, that didn't include the searing pain of her arm. Although he was right about her pain tolerance, she didn't want to scream in front of the man who likes to torture people, and enjoys killing people. Young and old, it didn't matter, unlike her who refused to kill anyone under 18. Those who still had their innocence, they didn't need to see the darkness of this world.
No this man was a heartless demon, and it looked like she was about to experience first hand what he did to those who tried to kill him.

"I don't have to tell you anything" first rule about being an assassin, never give out any information. Just take the money and kill the target the payer wants dead, should the target be more dangerous than your average kills, charge extra and hold someone close to the payer as hostage to get your point if necessary.

"I've heard about you, Ookami Assassin. You do about anything for the right price don't you?" Another man appeared beside him asked while he moved forward and kicked the chair she was tied to into the wall behind her, lifting his foot he pressed down on her cracked ribs. "What about the price for your life? How much is that worth to you?" He pressed down harder, smirking when she whined lightly at the pain. Any more pressure, then they were bound to break. "Your loyalty maybe your most admirable trait, however that trait will be your downfall if you don't tell me who hired you, you little bitch"

(Y/N) stayed quiet for the most part, and kept eye contact with Gaara, refusing to back down to any torture they put her through.

"Tch" CRACK!

"Fucking son of a-!"

"You best answer the question, or there's gonna be a hell of a lot more pain if you keep quiet about"

"I don't talk to people who are low on he pecking order when it comes to making commands, and by the looks of you aren't very high on that order"

"Why you-"

"That's enough Kunkuro. Leave now." Gaara commanded, surprising both of you.

"But Gaara-"

"I said: Leave." Gulping, Kunkuro nodded while muttering an apology and left hastily. Watching him, (Y/N) slowly turned her attention to the Sand demon before her. 

Both parties just stared at each other intensely, her (E/C) orbs staring at his teal narrowing lightly, waiting for the to back down. Other than the assassins pained heavy breathing the silence between the two was deafening. The Ookami growling lightly when she noticed he was eyeing her up and down.
However calm the girl was acting Gaara knew she had to be panicking inside. This was her first failed mission, and he knew she had to been feeling nervous if not scared. Still he knew she was skilled, even though he caught wind someone hired her to kill him, it still took a while for his guards to locate her and find where she was scouting out. Yes she would be perfect.

"I want you"


"Excuse me?" She blinked, not really understanding want he said.

"I said: I want you"

Oh god.

" what way"

"I want you to be mine."

Fuck no.

"I'd rather die than to become someone's property-"

"You don't understand. You're in no position to say no to me, and I don't have to kill you to break you. I'm giving you and option of three choices". He pushed his point by gripping her dislocated arm and tugging harshly. Relishing in her scream, she was unable to keep in due to the suddenness.

"...which are?"

"One: you will become my bride, you will be known as my queen, and drop your job to bare my children, from this point on. Two: you will become my personal assassin, any ties you had or have with past employers you will cut and tell me who hired you in the first place."

Son of a-.

"What's option three?"

"Three: you tell me who hired you to kill me, and I will end your pathetic life swiftly, if not I will torture you everyday until you are begging for the relief of death, but I will constantly taunt you with it, making you pass out from either blood loss or pain itself only to wake up healed, and to go through the nightmare all over again."

Eyes widening at all three options,
(Y/N) couldn't help but feel sick. This sick bastard really is insane, and she was about to experience the full wrath of him if she didn't choose wisely.


"....I choose."

To be continued~

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