Mr. Zachary-part 2

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I just stand their thinking of something to say. I bite my lip and act like im looking at the shampoos. "I mean, just as friends nothing more, i promise." The way he said it just makes me say yes. "Umm sure, what movie?" i look at him, studing him. He's looks at me and i can tell he doesn't know what movie to choose from "Well, i have tuns of movies, when you come over you can pick one out." He smiles. "Okay sound good, well i better go get this shampoo to my mother." I say walking away. "Hey, rey you should text me sometimes." He pulls out a pen out of his pocket, takes my hand and writes his number on it. I smile and say my goodbyes. I walk fastly over to the bread aisle so i can hurry home. I pull down 2 loafs of 100 percent whole grain sara lee bread. As soon as i ge home i set the groceries on the counter. I go into the living room and see my mom on the computer. "Mom, can i go out with kelsey this weekend?" I have to lie to her. She woulnt let me date a 23 year old let alone a teacher. She takes off her reading glasses and looks at me. "What do you girls plan on doing?" "We are going to the that okay with you?" She sighed. "okay i guess you can go. Do you need money?" I forgot about the money."yeah like 10 dollars" She gets her purse and pulls out a 20 dollar bill. "Keep the change, buy you and kelsey some popcon." I take the money and go upsairs in my room. I sit on my bed and think about Paul. So i just call him. The phone rings a couple times and he answers "Hello?" He said in a confused voice.

"Hey its Rey, I didnt feel like texting you so i just called you, hope our not busy?"

"Of course not, hey i was thinking maybe we should go to a college party instead of a movie,if you want?"

"Sure, where is it at?"

"In town, dont worry i wouldnt take you out of town."

" Okay, nice to know"

"Yeah, so do you think its weird hanging out with a teacher?"

"Yes, but i can get comfortable about it, right?"

"I guess you could"

"What are we going to be doing at this party your taking me too?

"Dancing, having a good time."


"Yes, dancing.. is that okay?"


"Okay good"

"Well i will talk to you later. "

***Sorry its short.. :( but how do yu like PAUL???***

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