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Dylan ran his hand down her hair. "Don't worry. I've been hurt worse'n this. Now, go get Wade." He stumbled back from his crouched position and sat. He groaned.

Skye groaned with him. Leave him here like this? What if the gunman was still out here? "No, no I'm not-"

"Woman! Go get me help."

Skye scanned the area. "It's not that far. You can make it. You have to try because I'm not going to leave you. What if they're still here?"

Dylan's mouth twisted. "That's why you should go. You'll be quieter on your own. Keep your head down and move quiet like I've shown ya. Now go on." He could deal with what he needed to as long as he knew she was safely on her way.



"Dylan." Skye cleared her throat and firmed his voice. She was all focus now. "You are not hearing me. I'm not leaving without you. I am not."

She took his rifle from him. "Give me some more ammo." She grabbed what he gave her and loaded the gun, then slung it over her shoulder.

Skye reached down and put Dylan's arm over her shoulder. "Now you can work with me or against me, but I gotta tell you, that I'm going to have a tough time if I have to drag you back."

Dylan snorted as he rose to his feet. "A little bitty thing like you couldn't drag me back if ya tried."

Skye smiled up at him. "Well, it's a good thing I don't have to try then."

"Ya know you're the most stubborn, rebellious woman alive, don't ya?"

Skye playfully rolled her eyes. "Yeah, look who's talking!"

"Ya hurt my feelings--callin' me a woman like that."

"Oh, haha."

Dylan's efforts to lighten the mood came to an end as he found it harder to keep up a decent pace.

At one point, Skye noticed blood dripping from under Dylan's jacket. "Wait. It's bleeding more."

"I know."

"No. Not 'I know.' We need to check it."

Skye pulled open his jacket. She felt sick when she saw how much more he'd bled. She pointed at the closest tree. "Let's lean you up against that."

Dylan agreed. He was tired and gasping for breath. The deep burning continued to get worse. It irritated him. He was not one to suffer weakness in himself easily. He gripped the rough tree bark to remain upright without Skye's support. Then, he leaned his head back against it.

Skye's heart clenched as she looked at his sickly, irritated face. "We're almost there."

"You should just go without me," he snarled at her. "I ain't worth nothin'. Just git."

"Don't be getting all growly with me. I didn't shot you." She put a hand to his cheek. "And we already had this discussion."

Dylan scoffed and refused to look at her. Skye got his attention when she took off her jacket then her flannel shirt. He brightened a bit. Well, maybe this won't be so bad after all. But Skye was all business.

Putting her jacket back on, she explained. "I'm going to fold this up so we can use it on the wound. I should have done it already; I just wasn't thinking." She grabbed Dylan's belt and pulled it out of the loops.

"Well, darlin', if I wasn't shot, this would be a whole different kind of outing."

"Really? You're injured, and this is where your mind goes?" Skye shook her head sure that if the roles were reversed, it would be the furthermost thing from her mind.

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