Depart to Palace

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Tsuna and Tamami changing to their new dress after breakfast before going to the palace.

" Tsuna chan, Tamami are both of you done wearing the dress" Misa asked Tsuna and Tamami.

" Grandma, can enter" Tsuna give permission.

As Misa unlocked the door and surprise to see her grandaughter

" My cute Tsuna chan is grown up lady now" Misa in tears

" Hehehe" Tsuna supressed her giggle has she got praise by her grandma.

" Grandma come here look at Tamami" Tsuna calling her grandma

" Misa san not look at me" Tamami shout has she embrassed

" Don't be shy, you so beautiful in that dress" Tsuna  said

" But...." Tamami said

Tsuna cannot waiting, she started walking drag Tamami from where she hide.

" Tsuna don't drag me" Tamami begging Tsuna

" You're already beautiful, Tamami be proud of yourself same like you tell me in the past" Tsuna release Tamami and have smile expression on her face

Tamami felt warmth feeling she got from Tsuna.
" Yeah and Tsuna beautiful too like princess" Tamami express her feeling.

" Thank you Tamami " Tsuna express her gratitude.

" Can I interrupt both of you?" Misa asked

" Ofcourse grandma" Tsuna turn her face

" And Tamami someone like to see you" Misa said

" Hayato kun come inside" Misa said

Hayato step in room. He having lovestruck to see beautiful Tamami in dress that he buy for her.

" Look like someone freeze" Misa tease

Make Tamami have blush expression on her face.

" Tsuna chan don't forget to said thank you at Reborn" Misa turn her face to Tsuna.

" Okay grandma" Tsuna nod. She started walking toward outside room.

" Reborn, how my look?" Tsuna asked

" Dress is nice" Reborn said

" Only dress is nice not me" Tsuna feeling sad

" Princess Tsuna don't cry" Reborn feeling guilt and panic to see a cry Tsuna.

" I'm just kidding" Tsuna supressed her giggle.

" Look like I'm being trick by you Princess Tsuna" Reborn chuckle

Hayato, Tamami and Misa going outside the room and step in the kitchen.

" Tsunahime, I will bring both of you to palace" Hayato inform.

" Hayato you the best!! I never thought about ride to the palace" Tsuna realize something

" Ofcourse I'm your right handman" Hayato felt proud being praise by Tsuna.

" Thank you Hayato" Tsuna and Tamami express her gratitude toward Hayato.

" Welcome " Tsuna and Tamami in unison.

" Be careful Tsuna chan " Tsuna grandma (Misa) worried about Tsuna.

" Don't worry I have my family that will protect me right, Tamami and Hayato" Tsuna hold Hayato and Tamami hand.

" We will protect Tsunahime/Tsuna from any harm" Hayato and Tamami in unison.

" Please take care of my granddaughter" Misa said

" Hai" Tamami and Hayato in unison.

Tsuna, Tamami and Hayato started walking toward outside house.

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