Open Eyes

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Author: ladyconstellation

Genre: Poetry 


The cover is cute and I love the color scheme, but it doesn't look much like a poetry book. When I see the cover, I think of a teen fiction story. I feel that more serene background photos fit more smoothly with poetry stories. On the other hand, the title clearly portrays a poetry book. I love how the title works with your writing and the points that you are trying to get across. 

I really enjoy how your poems are written in free verse, but you may also want to try experimenting with different rhyme schemes and perhaps using some interesting metaphors. By doing this, your poems are more open to interpretation and you may touch a wider variety of readers. Despite this, I find your poems to be very nicely written and relatable, and you seem to be very comfortable with the writing style. 

I noticed that some of your poems, are written on very controversial topics, such as "World in Shambles". Instead of your readers finding them touching and relaxing, this may push them away if they disagree with your ideas. Overall, I feel people generally enjoy reading stories and poems with common ground that everybody can relate to. I can see that you intend to influence and inspire your audience, but some readers who disagree with your views may be inclined to stop reading your work. You do a lovely job of describing your views and values, but not all readers will share your opinions. The poem "World in Shambles" grabbed my attention because it was on a very different topic than most of your other poems, so it stands out quite a bit. In cases like these, maybe it would be more useful to add some metaphors so that all of your readers find the poems to be relatable and are influenced to take action. 

The stories that are told through your poems are very heartfelt and undoubtedly reach most of your readers. I like how the poems hold very clear meaning and purpose. Your sensory details are also beautiful and very thorough, such as in the poem "Sunrise." Your readers could really picture the scene that you described. 

Overall, I find the poems to be very beautifully written and full of emotion. The sensory details are extremely strong and your readers can clearly picture exactly what it is that you're describing. Each of the poems are written very creatively, and I especially love "Be..." where each line uses vocabulary words beginning with a different letter of the alphabet!

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