~i wanna know what love is~

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Your POV:

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Your POV:

It's been a few weeks of hanging out with Tyler.

Me and Walter are waking with Levi and Mabel without their leashes and Max is at home playing fortnite.

I look over to see Tyler waving at us from across the street and wave back.

Suddenly Mabel and Levi run into the road over to him, nearly getting hit by a car and they run off.

Tyler tries to run and get them but they get away.

He comes over to me and starts talking at the same time as I start crying.

"I'm sorry y/n, I'm so sorry I didn't me-" he begins saying but I cut him off.

"This is all your fault. I hate you. I hate you" I repeat and than run off heading back home.

Tyler's POV:

I sigh as my pineapple pizza girl runs off.

She hates me.

This is al my fault.

"God I feel like such a douche! I'm such an idiot!" I say and Walter puts a hand on my shoulder.

"You care about her, don't you?" He asks me and I sigh.

"More than anything" I say running a hand through my untamed dark brown curls

"Ugh she's never going to speak to me again!" I groan running a hand down my face in exasperation.

"Just give her some space wise guy, I'm sure she'll calm down and forgive you, you love her don't you?" He asks

"N-no w-what are you talking about I-I just care about her as a f-friend yeah friend, I just think she's the prettiest and most interesting girl I've ever met, that's all" I stutter

"You sure you're not in love wise guy?" I hear Walter ask me and sigh.

"I-i don't know anymore, I can't control my feelings when I'm around her and I always end up doing or saying the wrong thing, she'd never go for me" I say looking down at my torn up vans as I kick them up from the sidewalk slightly

"Just give it time wise guy you never know" Walter tells me sighing sadly as he looks back in the road for his fat pug

I think I love her.... it's too bad I just made the biggest mistake of my life...

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