Part 38

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Nancy: Have you ever wondered what death is like?

Nancy: Like, can you feel everything?

Nancy: But you can't open your eyes... 

Nancy: Then if you get cremated, you feel your whole body burn...

Nancy: Or do you think the moment you die, your soul leaves your body, and you can see yourself, lying there.

Nancy: Then, you see a bright light, and it gets brighter until you're born as a new person

Nancy: Have you ever wondered what death is like?

Danielle: I haven't ever thought about it, but now you have me questioning.

Nancy: It's weird... isn't it?

Nancy: People claim to know everything, but no living person is going to know what death is like.

Danielle: I believe that you get sent to either heaven or hell

Nancy: But what are Heaven and Hell like???

Danielle: I think Heaven is full of everything you could ever dream of and wish for, whereas Hell is constant fear and isolation.

Nancy: How would you feel if someone just stabbed you, and you didn't even know they were there? 

Nancy: It'd be weird, because you're just having a normal day, and just after you feel a sharp, awful pain, you blank out, not knowing that you'll never wake up again

Danielle: That's scary.

Nancy: Exactly.

Nancy: But what's worse is if you knew you were going to die a painful death within a day

Nancy: Imagine the fear

Nancy: The terror...

Danielle: Oh god

Danielle: I'd have a heart attack before I even got killed

Nancy: Your whole life could get torn apart by one person, and within what, 10 seconds?

Nancy: You don't even know them

Nancy: And you'd never get your revenge

Nancy: Because you're dead. And can't wake up

Danielle: Remind me why I'm best friends with a psychopath?

Nancy: I dunno. These thoughts just pop into my head often

Danielle: Oh...

Nancy: Anyway bye :) I gtg

Danielle: Bye..?


Would you rather

Know when and how you're going to die


Be clueless


I just want to say that I love you all (cheesy, I know) and if any of you want to vent or shout or simply want someone to talk to, then you're free to talk to me.

If you want advice, I'll try my hardest, and I'll be there to listen to your rants.

After all, we just want someone to talk to, right?

Georgie x

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