Dirty Tom Daley imagine

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You're cleaning the house with loud music on when your boyfriend Tom gets home from training with his hair still wet from showering. 'Well hello babe' he says winking at you. 'Hey Tom' You shout through the loud music. He walks over to the fridge and gets out a beer. You bit your lip while you saw him popping the beer open. He knew it turned you on 'cause he was looking at you at smiling. He took a sip from his beer and now his small little smile turned into a dirty smile. He was totally turning you on right now. 'Jess stay focussed on the cleaning' you say to yourself. He walks over to you and turns of the music. He makes an evil laugh and turns on 'sexy and i know it'. As the music starts playing he starts the hip thrusting. 'You've really done it now Daley' You say while biting your lip. He knew his hip thrusting made you horny. He walks over to you and pushes you against the wall kissing you hard. His hands traveling all over your body. 'Ohh Tom' You moan while he's takes of your dress making you stand in your bra and string. He opens your bra and throws it over his head. 'I want you Jess' He whispers with his warm breath in your ear sending shivers over your whole body. He lifts you up and brings you to your bed  laying you down. You look at his boner and bit you bottom lip. 'You want it huh?' He grins. 'Yes Tom fucking Daley I want it so give me it' you shout. He grins and takes of his boxers. He slides his long hard dick in your pussy and starts thrusting harder and harder. Your hands in his wet hair and his hands still traveling all over your body. 'To-To-Toooomm I'm cumming!' You shout. When you both reached climax he lays down next to you. You're both all sweaty 'That was amazing Jess' He laughs. 'Yes, Yes it was amazing' You smile looking up to him.

After 10 minutes of laying down cuddling in bed you decide to take a shower together. He washes your hair leaving love bites on your neck.

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