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G- C-Carly..?
G- I-I don't know..
C- I'm coming!
G- O-Okay..

Carly's POV

I noticed there was a door, it was camouflaged, but I could manage to see it. I pushed on the door and it opened.

C- Gabbie? Are you there?!
G- Carly no!! Don't move!

?- Hello Carly~
C- Why are you doing this..?
?- Don't ask now..
C- Fine..
?- Now, you have to make one choice.
C- W-What?!
?- You either kill Gabbie, and you will survive..
C- Kill Gabbie?!
?- Or.. I'll Kill you, and Gabbie will be set free..😉

G- Carly please, leave me here!

In Carly's mind:

Gabbie is one of my best friends.. I would kill her if I were to live..

C- T-Take me.. Don't hurt her..😔
?- Okay, come with me~ And Gabbie, you may go..
C- I love you buddy..
G- I love you too Carly.. Thank you.. But, remember, thank you.. 😔
C- Bye Gabbie..😔

They hugged.

?- Okay stop now.

Gabbie started to cry as she walked out to door..

She heard screams coming from the room she just left.

Gabbie started to run faster as the tears ran down her face..


G- Carly she's... D-dead..

Gabbie dropped to the floor crying.

Liza sat beside her and started to cry too..

Kristen tried to comfort both of them but ended up crying as well..

D- Guys.. Carly was a brave one.. She loves us all, and we love her too..
S- Yeah, Carly was brave. She did this for us.. Remember, she loved us all..
A- Plus there is a murderer on the loose. We can't let this happen again..
G- You guys are ri-right..
K- Y-Yeah..
L- 😔 You're right guys..

2 minutes later..

L- Oh! Hot chocolate!
G- Don't drink it!!
L- What? Why?
G- You know there could be poison in that!
L- You're right.. Thanks for telling me. Heh.

Scotty held Kristen while she teared up about Carly.

David held Liza in his arms to keep her safe..

Zane and Gabbie hugged each other..

Alex was looking around the room to find weapons of some sort..

A- Guys!!
Everyone- Yeah?
A- I found something!!
Z- What is it?
A- A box! And it looks like there are things inside!

Everyone goes over to Alex.

David picks up the box and dumps everything onto the ground.

L- Hmm.. A note...
K- What does it say?
L- It says..


You guys might need these.. I'm just trying to help. I'm not in on this.. But the clue to finding out who these people are is, you know them..

I hope you enjoy your gifts.."

G- The gifts are the things in the box.

Scott notices something about the things.

S- Hold up guys. This bat says "For Alex" on it.
A- For me?
D- What?!
G- Does that mean every item is assigned to a person?
S- I think do..
L- Then, everyone find there things.
K- Okay..

G- What's wrong Zane?
Z- It's just.. I can't imagine anything else happening to yo- everyone..
G- I know..

Gabbie hugs Zane.

G- Listen, we will try our best to kepe everyone else safe.😊
Z- Okay..

Alex got a bat.
David got crowbar.
Scott got a first aid kit.
Zane got a small knife that wasn't very sharp..
Gabbie got a pistol, but there weren't any bullets in them.
Liza got nunchucks but, they were slightly stiff.
Kristen got another first aid kit.

D- This feels like a battle.. Going against anot-

?- It is a game.. Not a battle.. A GAME~

D- Who's there?!

David steps up and Gabbie spreads her arms to try to cover the others.

G- Guys, it's gonna be okay..

D- I'm gonna go check out where the speakers are.
L- David wait! Please don't go!
D- Huh..?
L- What if that happens to you?!
D- What?
L- The Gabbie and Carly situation..
D- Liza.. I'll be fine, if anything were to happen, just remember, I love you..

Liza starts to cry as he left the room..

L- David.. Please be safe..😔

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