The Newcomers

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We clear out of the schoolhouse and I run over to the gate. Asuk was dragging the unconscious reaper by one arm and Kilo had the other.

"What happened?" I ask staring at the bloody patch on the reaper's forehead.

"He ran inside camp, me and Kilo knocked him out with stones."

"Why stones?"

"That is the way." Is all he simply answers and they continue to drag the lifeless body over to the middle of camp. The fire was brightly lit, stretching as far as it could towards the sky. My eyes had just come across a group of elders who had placed a wooden pole in front of the fire, digging it into the ground.

"What are they gonna do with him?" I turn towards Alexa who looked calm. That was an expression I didn't expect to see at this time and moment.

"He burns."

My eyes grew wide and I feel the blood sucked out of my cheeks. Burning a living thing was bad enough, but acting like it was perfectly okay and having no tone of sorrow in your voice was just sick.

"What?" I was shocked from the deceit I was feeling. These people looked so harmless, so kind. How could they do such a thing?

"Did you really think we would let him go?" Julia intervenes stepping towards us. "He would end up coming back and attempting to kill one of us again. I don't know about you, but I'd rather take his life than him take mine."

"What if he didn't want to kill us, maybe he just wanted to follow us back into camp to talk with someone."

"You're naïve, he's a reaper. They don't talk, they kill and then devour their prey." Julia spats, the rage piling out of her accumulated hate. She seemed like a whole other person, so did Alexa, when it came to these types of people. I guess I would be like that too if I had lived here long enough. Who knows maybe I did come across a Reaper once and had a bad experience. The reality was I would never even remember. Instead I will keep on trying to come up with a reason to defend this poor life that was about to be taken.

"Tie him tightly." The commander demands, coming out of his tent to join the party. I was definitely not expecting that from this old man. If anything I thought he would be on my side and want to release the reaper. I guess I misinterpreted a lot about this place.

The elders bound his hands together with a thick rope and then secured his body to the wood. They then stepped away with their heads bowed and their hands behind their backs. The commander walks up to the reaper and is met with a blazing torch, given by Kilo.

"For all of the evil and sickening actions these creatures have portrayed to our family, our home, and our lives. Now this very day we have been given the privilege to reciprocate to these acts of disturbance. For the peace within these walls.."

"Must remain forever." The gathered crowd finished in sync.

"I thought he spoke a different language." I whispered to Alexa.

"He wants the reaper to hear it, to feel ashamed of what him and his army have done to us."

"A little late for that isnt it? I mean the guy..thing, creature? Whatever it is, it's unconscious."

"Believe me, he still hears."

The commander then gripped the torch tightly in his hands and began lowering it down to the feet of the reaper.

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