"You're Both Insane."

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Perci was having a great day. For no reason at all.

Nothing was trying to kill her. There was no quest that she had to go on. There was no prophecy she had to worry about.

Yes, there was the subject of her marriage but... Meh. She can deal with that later.

The Daughter of Poseidon had the apartment to herself, her mother having taken Thor out to get some actual clothes.

So here she was, dancing around in her room like an idiot with her earphones in and her iPod in her hand.


"-honey, just put those bags in the laundry and I'll get started on some dinner, okay?"

"Of course Lady Sally. I am curious to see what 'denim' feels like."

The older woman smirked, "Alrighty then."

Thor nodded and walked off with the bags in hand. Just as he passed Lady Persephone's door, he froze. The blond gulped and took a few steps backwards.

His betrothed was... shaking her body... wearing only a singlet and panties.

In her hand was a small device with two cords connected to her ears. As he watched, he sucked in a shaky breath when she ripped out her hair tie and shook her hair out wildly.

A strangled noise left his throat when she suddenly stopped.

Her sea green eyes met his and she blushed furiously. The God, too, turned bright red, equally if not more so flustered.

His betrothed gave him a shaky smile, then raced away to her walk-in closet.

Thor stood there, his mind warring with what he should do. He gulped again and chose the... cleaner... route.

To the laundry, he went.


Perci appeared on the streets of New York and bit her lip, "Oh my Gods, I did not just do that!"

She buried her face into her hands when a sweet voice squealed in her head, Yes, you did!! I'm so proud of you! Take the reins Darling and rock his... world!

"Get outta my head Dite," She grumbled.

The Lady of Love sighed, Fiiiine. But if you live, have fun.

The demigoddess shook her head and looked up just in time to see a beam of light shoot up from Stark Tower. It stopped mid-air and a giant portal cracked open.

Her eyes widened to see the aliens she saw in her nightmare fly through the rip in the sky. Perci heard gunshots fired by the base of Tony's building and sped towards the sound, running as fast as she could.

The Chitauri... is that what Thor called them?.. poured through the hole and the demigoddess saw Iron Man fly away from the Tower. From their chariots, the alien soldiers fired plasma blasts at cars, buildings and the streets.

Uncapping Riptide, she slashed the blade side to side, slicing the aliens to pieces. She winced at the animalistic growls and roars but continued to rip them apart with her Celestial Bronze sword. Her face turned to stone as the familiarity of battle seeped its way into her muscles. She barely needed to think, her moves being second nature.

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