Chapter 31 (Part Two) - Good Behavior

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I woke the next morning, or what I called morning which was whenever I woke up. For all I knew, I experienced several mornings every day. I hadn't seen the sun since I arrived in Shasta, but the pills had worked.

The last thing I remembered was crawling into bed, and even though I was groggy, I could tell I had slept. Crust gathered in the corners of my eyes, and I craved more rest. Whatever amount I had gotten last night was not nearly enough to put me back to sorts.

A knock sounded on my door before Tilly entered. How did they know I was up? Was the pill that predictable? Tilly squeaked across my floor to stand at the foot of my bed.

"Time to get up. I'll be back in a few minutes. For good behavior, we have something special planned for you today." She smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes.

My traitorous heart leapt at the thought of something special. Maybe I'd see outside or maybe it'd a dessert. I couldn't complain about the food. Everything they'd served me so far was just as good as back at home if not better. But anything would taste delectable after days on the road eating bunny and squirrel.

Tilly left me to my morning routine, so I freshened up at the sink and used the commode. Running my fingers through my hair, I tried to untangle a knot near my temple. I must have gotten something sticky in it, so I gave up and left it alone. Once done, all I had left to do was wait. I sunk down on the end of my bed deciding to run through my daily affirmation.

I had just finished when Tilly entered again. She stood at the doorway motioning for me to come. Disentangling my legs from the bedding, I'd never been tidy, and an unmade bed was perfectly fine to me. As I placed my bare feet on the ground, I noticed a black streak parallel to my bed. I frowned not knowing what or where it came from since I was always barefoot.

"Get a move on, C-53," Tilly called from the hall. You'll like this surprise.

I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face and hurried out of my room.

She led me through the facility. Between sleep and freshening up at the sink, I felt much better than I had in days, but my stomach rumbled.

"Does this surprise have anything to do with food?" I asked Tilly as I followed two steps behind her.

She turned her head, so I could see the smile on her face. "Actually, it does, but the surprise is more about who you get to eat it with."

I let out a gasp as I grinned. Maybe Mindy or Sienna would be there or even my mother or Eluena. My feet sped up from excitement, and Tilly tsked at me until I fell two steps behind again.

Then we entered a blue-carpeted room with a table in the center with two chairs on either side. The first surprise was that the room had two windows, but the curtains were drawn. I wanted to run over to them and fling them open, but Tilly hadn't told me what to do yet.

She took a few steps in and lifted one hand to a chair at the table. "Have a seat, your companion will be here shortly."

After she left, I moved to the chair, my fingers dancing across the cool plastic back, but the windows were too alluring. Unable to resist, I moved away from the table and to the back of the room. The curtains almost touched the floor and were a pale blue, like the sky. The fabric was rough, catching on the dry skin of my fingers. I grabbed the edge and pushed the fabric to the side only to find more wall behind them.

A surge of frustration caused me to growl. I spun around and dashed to the other curtains and flung the curtain to the side, but there was nothing but more wall.

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