Chapter 7

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Harriet p.o.v

The next morning I woke up. Fred and George were laying on both sides of me. when I looked at them I suddenly felt the urge to bite them. not the normal way but the way of biting them and change them into vampires. I directly went out of bed and ran towards our bathroom. Damn! I have to ask Snape about this. If this is going to continue like this I will have to separate myself from them. I got took a quick shower and got dressed.

 I walked out of the room silently and ran towards Snape's potion lab and knocked on the door. "Come in." He said through the door. "Potter, What can I do for you?" He asked when he took a good look at me. he gave me a well knowing look. "Let me guess, the three of you completed the bond and now you don't know what to do with the urge to turn them." He said. I nobbed. "Sit." He commanded me. " Listen, it's in a vampire's nature to want to turn their mate once the bond is completed. A vampire can only have mates one time and if their mates die they will lose all their emotions. The urge gives you the opportunity to be with them forever." Snape explained. "It's probably impossible to stop the urge," I said. "Indeed. the urge will keep on growing until you change them or until they die." He answered. "I don't want to force them into anything. I have to control myself if not for myself then for them." I answered. He looked at me like he saw this before. "You know James said the exact same thing as what you just said. Even though we hated each other we helped each other out, only for the sake of Lily though. Just go to talk to them, I'm sure that the three of you will get a solution. Don't try to avoid them. they will look for you and them knowing, they will find you." Snape said. "but there are a lot of things that you have to know, about your family history." He said.

Fred p.o.v.

I woke up without Harriet next to me. I saw that George was looking everywhere. "Where the bloody hell is she!" He almost yelled. "We have to find her, we have to make sure she is alright," I said. I got dressed and went looking for Harriet. We searched everywhere around the forest but couldn't find her. We decided to go ask Snape for help. "But there are a lot of things that you have to know, about your family history," Snape said. We froze before the door and decided to listen. "Then you better start talking, if you're right they are probably are looking for me and I got the feeling that I have to know it before I go talk to them,"  Harriet said. 

Harriet p.o.v.

"The family Potter is a Royal vampire family like one in the ten. Because of this and you being the only Potter there is a change of you being challenged by the lord of vampires. only a person out of one of the ten royal family's can be the Lord." Snape said. "So what if the vampire lord will challenge me, What does it mean? What will I have to do?" I asked. "You can't deny the challenge, if he challenges you, you will have to fight him, if you defeat him you become the lord of vampire's if you lose you have to promise him your loyalty to his lordship if you don't do this you will die," Snape said. "Well, that is an excelent explanation." Someone said. We turned around and I saw a vampire standing. He whores a long purple cloak. He doesn't even try to hide his red eyes. "And of course I would challenge the head of the Potter house. I will be looking forward towards our fight." He said. He is the bloody vampire lord! "I will show you what a great fight is," I said as he walked out. 

"You always dig yourself into trouble," Snape said. "Not really, I don't look for trouble, trouble usual looks for me. Now I have to talk to Fred and George before they will storm into every classroom to find me." I said. Once I walked out of the classroom I was pulled into another empty classroom. "We were looking for you," Fred said. "Have you any idea how worried we were," George said. I directly broke the hug and backed away. This is going to be bloody difficult. "Why are you being distant?" Fred asked. "That is one of the many things I need to talk with you about," I answered

Once I explained everything they came closer. "We know what we started with once we became your mates," Fred said. "Why don't we wait until Christmas, it's in a few weeks. we have two weeks to get used to being a vampire," George suggested

Hey guys! I hope you like this idea and I have a lot of ideas of how I'm going to write the next chapters but I want you guy to give me a few possibilities in the fight. I have no idea how a one to one vampire battle should look like, also I will get very busy now school has started. I hope you guys will enjoy the next chapters. What about you guys give me a few ideas for the secrets of the Potter family cause we are just at the top of the mountain of secrets. I am having a hard time in my private life and I'm not sure if I should actually continue all my story's so I'm asking all your opinions for all this

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