Todoroki Shouto

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Written by headcanons-bnha on tumblr


— He isn't an affectionate person but he shows his love for you with little gestures that sometimes aren't too subtle. One day, Todoroki noticed you were warmer than usual and when the first class ended, he approached you and put your foreheads together. The whole class was shocked because was he really going to kiss you in front of everyone?

— "S-Shoto what are you doing?".

— "You're hot, let's go find Aizawa and tell him you should go back to the dorms".

— Todoroki doesn't like when people touch him a lot because he feels uncomfortable, but he loves your hugs and being in contact with you because you know his limits.

— You hug Todoroki in a way you can embrace with your arms his two halfs and that holds a lot of meaning for him. When he's feeling especially down, you hug him from his hot side and you don't stop even when you're sweating so he creates ice for you.

— Todoroki isn't the kind of boyfriend to be always around you, but he likes to make sure you're safe all the time.

— Your classmates don't believe Todoroki's dating you at first and he gives you a little kiss in front of everyone as an evidence (yes, he's able to kiss you in front of everyone). It's a complete mess: you're blushing like hell, Kaminari, Kirishima, Mina and Sero are shouting, Midoriya is also blushing although he doesn't know why, Iida is shouting he isn't allowed to do indecent things in front of the whole class and Todoroki remains calm because he didn't do anything wrong.

— Everyone knows this boy loves cold soba and you try to cook it for him once although it was a disaster. He ate it, but when you asked him about his honest opinion, he answered it tasted weird but he appreciated your efforts. You were like isn't it too honest??? and he's confused because you asked for honesty so that's what he gave you.

— Todoroki gives his all when he's in a relationship because he doesn't wanna act like his father, so he uses as an example all the wrong things he did to be a good boyfriend for you.

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