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" Yes Lauren, pass the ball here!" I shouted for the ball, she passed me the ball and I went for a layup. " Yes!" She shouted while giving me a high five, " both of us should apply for the basketball team in college man," I suggested " 100%," she said while taking a sip from her water. We were currently in my backyard playing basketball, I figured me and Lauren haven't hung out much 1 to 1 since our kiss, so I figured why not invite her over for a quick game and just chill, it's mine and Camila's 1 year anniversary tomorrow so I'm super excited for that. Also I wanted to talk about the kiss that me and her had shared, I took a seat on her bench next to her
"I need to tell you something," I said
" what's up," she asked " Camila knows," I quickly said, her eyes grew wide " she knows about the kiss? She asked " yes, Lauren she knows, she read my diary and she found out," I finished with my head down. " Oh shit!" She exclaimed while getting up and pacing around " Holy shit Y/N, what the fuck man she probably hates me now," she wouldn't stop pacing back and fourth " Lauren relax man!" I exclaimed. " All that happened was she found out and we didn't break up but she was pissed of, she came back to me, so don't worry and sit down," I said while patting the grass next to me. " But Y/N I need to tell you something," she said while looking in my eyes " what's up?" I asked her "I liked it okay, I liked kissing you and I've liked you for a while, and when I heard you speak about your anniversary plan I just decided to try keep you in the friend zone but I can't anymore and I know myself I can't really talk cause I pushed you away when we kissed but after the kiss it only made me realise how much I actually love and need you," she finished of with her head down." I liked it too Lauren, to be honest with you, I really did but I'm with Camila now, I really want us to stay as best friends, I do love you Lauren but maybe were just not meant for eachother in that way." I kissed her cheek and gave her a hug, she eventually hugged back and I could feel her smiling against my shoulder.
" Have you been shopping yet for tomorrow?" She asked, my eyes shot open " Oh shit!" I exclaimed, I look at the time and it was 4:00pm, "I'm going town and getting everything....and you're coming with me!" I added while grabbing her hand and running back into the house and grabbed my shoes.

" Alright Y/N we HAVE to go in here!" Lauren said while dragging me into Victoria secret, " Urrmm why?" I asked, she turned around and looked me with a seriously? Face. " Come on Y/N, you should know that when you guys are about to have sex you need to undress to show your sexy undergarments and I'm pretty sure Mila will do the same, even if she doesn't, it'll only turn her on. Trust me, buy a set!" I really didn't know a thing about sex or the art of seducing, I litrally have no idea what I'm gonna do, all I can do is hope it goes well.

Camila's POV
" Dinah, you need to stop!" I said while laughing, she kept putting cream on my face, we were currently in the mall shopping for tomorrow, me being last minute I'm getting all of Y/N presents now, I'm an idiot.....

We are now walking into Victoria secret to get some so called " outfits" according to Dinah " Dinah I'm still confused on why we here?" I asked "Becauseeee Mila, when you and Y/N are about to do the dirty, you guys obviously take your clothes of and if she sees what you're wearing, she'll be drooling like crazy, trust me." I looked at her and she had a smirk " Okay fine," I exclaimed while walking to a section.

We were currently looking at some underwear " Wait so you're telling me this string goes up the but?! I exclaimed shockingly " Yes Chancho, oh my god!" Dinah said while rolling her eyes at me.

" You're fucking telling me that people were this shit for seduction?! I exclaimed quite loudly " OMG Y/N shut up!" Lauren said loudly. " Now come on try this on!" She said while shoving a pair of panties and bra in my face " Alright alright!" I said taking it and walking into the changing room.

A/N:I don't know if a store like Victoria secret has a changing room but just pretend it does!

" Okay how's this?" I asked while I let her in to see how the outfit was "I-It's g-great, that's the one," she said while clearing her throat, I chuckled at the effect i have on her "Relax Jauregui," I said while purposely sticking my ass out " now get out, I need to change back!" I said while lightly pushing her out." When the door closed I heard her mutter " The things you do to me Y/N."

Camila's POV
Me and Dinah were just looking around until I saw someone that looked like Y/N, the persons back was to me as she was paying for something at the till, no Y/N wouldn't come to shop for things like bras and panties.

I guess I was wrong when the person turned around and it was Y/N, she didn't realise that I was watching her all this time, she was with Lauren, yes the Lauren that made out with her. I shot her a glare but walked over to Y/N, " hey Y/N," I said while spinning her around and harshly kissing her right in front of Lauren " Fucking hell!" She backed away quickly " Oh, babe what are you doing here?" She asked while hiding the bag behind her " Oh im here shopping...for Dinah," I added, "what about you?" I asked,she looked at me for 3 seconds " Oh Urrmm...this is Lauren's," she held up the bag, then dropped it " Fuck!" She whispered, I giggled slightly. " Good to see you Lauren," I said while looking away " Look Mila I know you know and I'm sorry, well for doing it twice, I really am sorry and I don't mean to hurt you in anyway." Lauren said while she backed away from Y/N slowly. I figured that it was best to just forgive her, I mean I might as well cause I don't wanna hold stupid grudges " Okay Lauren you're forgiven, but remember one thing," I said and she looked up instantly.Suddenly I grabbed Y/N by the neck and smashed my lips to hers I grabbed her hands that were on my waist and dragged them down to my ass squeezing it in the process. I think she recognized that I was smirking against her lips because she backed away from me slowly, giggling and shaking her head.

" Got it!" Lauren said while turning away and walking of somewhere.

" You really need to stop that," Y/N said while laughing at me." What?! I want what's mine," I said while grabbing her wasteband of her jeans and pulling her closer to me " I don't share what's mine," I whispered seductively. I walked away swaying my hips in the process leaving her turned on.

I couldn't wait for our 1 year anniversary.

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